It was the first working Monday of this new year when I had the privilege to attend #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance bloggers meet where I understood the importance of planning and investing for my #lifegoals. A creative person like me can dream big and have the appetite to desire the world for not only myself but for my family. The problem is I have no idea how big of a dent those dreams would make in my savings and if I have enough. I have always been comfortable with savings as my most preferred option to prepare for the future.

The big question is, “Will mere savings with limited interest support my big life goals?” The answer is no and the #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance bloggers meet forced me to think about my goals and the money I would require to fulfill them.
Bajaj Alliance Life Insurance MD & CEO Mr. Tarun Chugh

Bajaj Alliance Life Insurance MD & CEO Mr. Tarun Chugh

The event was very educational and encouraging about smart investments. There were presentations from #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance MD & CEO Mr. Tarun Chugh and #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance CIO Mr. Sampath Reddy. These two managed to help us understand the importance of making our money work hard. They shared with us the changes and improvements happening in the insurance industry especially #ULIPs. They highlighted how we need to plan for each #LifeGoal separately and strategically. I was amazed how they explained complicated financial topics in the simplest manner. They both answered all our questions and encouraged us to speak up about our experiences with investments.

Top 3 Financial Lessons that I learned at the meet:

1. Start Early:

The event was not only serious talk we also had some fun and played an interesting game of darts. In this game, we were given darts to throw at a spinning target that had our #LifeGoals written on it. The catch was we were given markers to stand upon as per our age. The younger you are the closer you can stand to the spinning target and get an easier chance to hit your #LifeGoal.

Bajaj Allianz Meet Life Goal Game

Bajaj Allianz Meet Life Goal Game

We enjoyed this fun game and this was a smart way to understand that it is a good idea to start our investments early. The earlier you start the better returns you can get for even lower investments. Do not let this discourage you from investing on the contrary start now. No matter your age just no point in any more delay.

2. Research:

Savings is safe but they do not give you the returns that could match big life goals. After attending the presentation session of Mr. Tarun Chugh and Mr. Sampath Reddy It was made clear to me that we need to broaden our knowledge about the new and upcoming investment options. It is wise to pick an organization which believes in keeping their customers well informed.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance CIO Mr. Sampath Reddy

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance CIO Mr. Sampath Reddy

The #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance CIO Mr. Sampath Reddy sends a monthly mail to their customers explaining the ups and downs of the market. This gives them the necessary tools to tweak their investments and increase their gains. We also learned that financial products like #ULIPs have lot new improved features. #ULIPs are safer, more flexible, transparent, they are simple to manage and can give us tax benefits while making our investment diversified. So #InvestBefikar now why worry and limit our self to small returns.


3. Make the money work:

In between his presentation, Mr. Tarun Chugh asked us a question, “Does your money work hard for you?” This got me thinking and sadly the answer for me currently is no. We all work hard for money but how many of us can confidently say that their money works for them too. We are happy with our traditional safe savings options where we scarify higher returns because we are not willing to try new.

As explained in the above point a proper study can help us find out the best solutions to #InvestBefikar so that our money works harder and grows better.

Bajaj Allianz ULIP Comparison

Bajaj Allianz ULIP Comparison

I also learned some amazing features of #ULIPs like they have been consistently exceeding benchmark returns. They give tax benefits at a lower cost. They provide life cover. Hence it is safer to say that #ULIPs are great investment tools for long-term #LifeGoals.

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