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Diets are hard. When someone chalks down can eat or canโ€™t eat it gets very frustrating for me and all I want to do at that moment is to switch the list. After abusing my body through lots of failed diets and fast weight loss remedies I learnt a very valuable lesson that losing weight is not a sprint but a marathon. It is not a temporary change but a complete lifestyle alteration hence we have to find the healthiest and safest fit.

A famous quote by Cher says it all; “If you could bottle it, everyone would have one!” Unfortunately fitness or health does not come in a bottle and no matter who you are you have to bust your butt to get in shape.

When I hear about a diet success story I first congratulate the person and then take as many details about it as possible. Then I research about it by reading all the reviews that I can find and there are always many and if possible try to take some professional advice on it from a nutritionist or doctor.

After all this mental workout I try to give an honest answer to following 5 questions without getting emotional about the whole idea of weight loss.

1. How long are you going to stick with the diet?
If your answer is till I drop few pounds or till I fit in that dress or till I go to that event or vacation or anything similar. I am sorry to say but all these answers are wrong. The only right answer for most of the diet will be “forever”. Allow me to explain our body has got used to a particular habit of eating that got us where we are today. Suddenly when we get excited about a diet and try it out our body goes in some kind of shock and it takes time to adjust to this drastic change. If we stick with the diet the body responses positively and we start getting the results we desire but if we stop following the diet and get back to our old eating habits the body get confused and this time it starts storing fat rapidly as a survival instinct. As a result we bounce back to our original weight and most of the time we gain more than that.

2. Does the diet include all food groups?
A truly healthy diet includes all the food groups — vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy and healthy fats along with lean protein. Your body needs the nutrients these foods provide. If your diet fails to give you required nutrition you may create complications that are far harsh that being overweight.

3. Is this diet right for me?
This may be perfect for your friend but will it work for you. Can you commit to this lifestyle. Be honest only you know the right answer.

4. Can this diet cause any harm or side effect in long term?
If you just gain back the weight you lost and not any other health issues you should consider yourself lucky. One should be very well aware about the consequences of a fad diet. Study the plan in detail before jumping in.

5. Am I mentally prepared for the commitment of this diet plan?
As diet is a serious lifestyle change it is very important to be ready for it. If you are confident that you found the right diet then go ahead with a positive mental attitude and a clear goal or vision about the desired result. This will help you when things get difficult.

Good Luck let me know about your experiences in the weight loss journey. We all can learn from each other.

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    very most importantly- water, water, water. gatorade, other fluids. diluting/flushing is crucial. then, broth, lean protein for repair, fruits + veggies, ones that aren’t too hard to digest. healthy eating, food groups observed, balanced diet, no processed or junk food.

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