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The festive season is close and firework stalls have opened in every nook and corner. For us a night of fireworks is a night of celebration but for the pets it can be nothing less than a nightmare.

Every year we hope that our fearful pup will react less to the noise and smell of fireworks; and every year it breaks our heart to watch him/her tremble with fear. In this situation if you play your role like a strong pack leader you minimize the anxiety level of your dog.

With the help of some research and preparation we can comfort our lovable pet and I am glad to share 5 tips that I found most helpful.

1. Prepare a safe place: Till now you must have noticed your dog’s safe place where he likes to go and hide when he senses anything he does not enjoy like fireworks or bath time. Prepare that place with clean and comfortable bedding. Keep some fresh water and some of his favorite treats in the food bowl. Placing some chew toys will make the hiding place more fun.

2. Exercise: Take your dog for a longer walk or play with him long enough to make him tired before the fireworks start. This will help him to be less excited during fireworks.

3. Indoors: Get your pet in the house long before the fireworks start. This will protect him/ her from running away and getting lost. After the fireworks cool down make sure that you take your dog for a walk in a clean area where he/she will not stumble upon burnt firework leftovers.

4. Id tag: Dogs do get scared enough to run away, get lost or worst get hurt where there are fireworks bursting everywhere. Make sure your Dog is wearing a comfortable collar and an identity tag that clearly gives your contact detail.

5. Stay calm: When the fireworks start at any time of the day or without any warning and you didn’t have time to prepare your dog, try to stay calm and do not overreact. If your dog is outside for any reason get him back in the house. Let him choose his hiding place and rather than cuddling him or making a big deal of him getting scared stay calm and behave normally. Your overreaction can create more panic for your pet.

You know what is best for your pet and how to keep him/ her comfortable during fireworks. I am sure that the above mentioned tips will come handy this festive season. I wish you all have an enjoyable and fun festival with your pet.

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3 comments on “5 tips to comfort your dog during fireworks

  1. yamini Post author

    Hey Sophie thank you for your comment :). You mentioned it right these tips applies for all kind of pets. I think the saying you mentioned fits perfectly with this post. I wish you have a fun and happy celebration with your puppy.

  2. Sophie

    Your post ‘5 tips to comfort your dog during fireworks’ is very helpful for pet owners and lovers. I have a small puppy and I will follow these steps to make sure that he does not get afraid while we celebrate. It made me remind of the beautiful saying “Live and Let Live” I think this applies for animals as well. Thanks once again.



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