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Seeing Life through new eyes: the epicness of Yoga
6 Reasons Why A Workout Class will Make You Exercise Regularly Vanessa Marie Hernandez / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Few months back working out 5 days a week was a big part of my fantasy world. I tried lots of home exercise DVDs, some motivational books also few exercise machines where the manufacturers planned the marketing better than the actual product. I wasted a small fortune on gyms and never actually spent much time there. It was funny that the receptionist never remembered me when I walked in after months of gap but she called me regularly for the renewal of my membership.

Nothing absolutely nothing was helping me workout regularly. I lacked motivation, energy and enthusiasm. It all changed when I enrolled for a yoga class nothing fancy just a good teacher teaching in her own living room.

I remember the day I checked out the yoga class. I went when a class was in session and ladies of all sizes, shapes and ages where sincerely following the teacher. It was a peaceful session and the stretches they were doing looked very difficult for my untrained body. I had doubts about joining the class as I didn’t want another failed attempt but something in me said don’t think jump in and Thank God I did.

Why my Yoga Class Helped me Exercise Regularly? …. Because

1. Teacher: A great teacher can make you believe in yourself. A good teacher will not blame you for your condition but show support and will guide you to find solutions. A teacher you can depend upon. A teacher you can look forward to learn a lot from. Find a teacher who cares more about his/her students then making money and you got your first reason to work out almost every day.

2. Discipline: When you join a class you agree to maintain some kind of hourly schedule. You know you have to be in the class on time and finish your workout in a set period of time. It does not give much freedom to reschedule and hence we forget our dirty habit of procrastination. It brings some discipline to our life when we need it the most.

3. Accuracy: Any good teacher or trainer will tell you that the accuracy of doing every workout matters more than repetitions. When it comes to Yoga it is important that you stretch in a proper way to avoid any sprains or any other injuries. If you are trying to work out on your own you will find it difficult to keep a check your exact form while doing the exercise. But under a teacher you are corrected immediately. If you are having trouble to do any particular exercise you can get some tips and tricks from the teacher. A good teacher will also help you with easier alternatives of exercises till you body gets more used to the concept of exercising regularly.

4. Classmates: when you think of joining some particular class see if you can relate to the students who are already taking the class. Do they have similar goals? Are they tiring to resolve similar issues? This will give you the assurance that the answers you are looking for can be found in that class. It will also assure you that you are not the only victim of mother nature or father time. Everybody has their own battle to fight for. It is motivating to workout with your classmates then working out in front of some life less DVD Player.

5. Motivation: In a class you get to see other people just like you fighting their own battle and this encourages you to conquer your own. When you see others winning you get motivated and when you see someone giving up on their goal you can become their strength. In the process you will soon realize by helping others with their goal your inner strength multiplies.

6. Going With The Flow: My first couple of days in the class I tried to match other people’s pace and felt like I was doing everything wrong. Soon I understood to go with the flow and not think too much about it. This is one of the few places where I clear my mind and stop thinking. I follow the leader blindly. I find it very relaxing and refreshing. Just flowing with the flow makes the whole workout feel effortless.

I hope these reasons are good enough for you to get searching for a good class.

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