The Vibrant Writer is about Positive Mind & Lifestyle while being Vibrantly Healthy & Radiantly Beautiful with help of Natural Resources. We share and discuss topics like how Natural Resources and the Power of our Mind & Spirituality can gift us a Blissful life.
We believe in studying everything that makes this world a wonderful place. We are meant to be Happy, Peaceful and Powerful. The way we think and feel about every little detail of our life shapes it. If you have any topics that can help us like a happy, healthy and beautiful life please feel free to share with us.

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Hello, it is nice to see you here, This is Yamini; I am a professional blogger and writer in the quest of finding some answers to make life beautiful. I have a Master’s degree in Marketing and I have worked in the position of Marketing Manager with India’s leading private bank.
Writing started as a hobby but turned into an obsession and a full-time profession before I even knew it. Be it a natural remedy for beauty or health or anything about positive thinking; I love to research on it. Today I understand how life is meant to be abundant in all aspects of health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality. Just by changing the way I think I have managed to put a positive spin on all these facets of my life.
I live with a loving husband and use most of my time writing or researching on the topics that catch my interest. I have completed my first novel and am in discussion with few publishing agents. I am also taking up freelancing work.

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If you wish to get in touch for a Writing Assignment please contact me at mail@thevibrantwriter.com
Writing is not a hobby or a part-time project for me it is my Passion and my Full-Time Profession or as my family believes I am obsessed with it. I am serious about the quality of each and every piece I write; as I strongly believe one lousy assignment can make or break the writer’s reputation. Thank God good content comes naturally to me.
As I mentioned earlier this is my full-time gig so when I take up an assignment I make sure my assignments are done before the deadline. To sample my work feel free to browse through my blog. I write uplifting positive articles that bring a smile on the reader’s face and makes him think about the points I expressed.
I am grateful for the love and support I receive from the readers of this blog, the expanding blogger’s community and the clients that value our skills. Sometimes a surprise recognition and reward comes along that increases my gratitude by multi-fold like the International Women’s day #SheInspires initiative where they recognized The Vibrant Writer as an inspiring blog along with few similar blogs maintained by Women Bloggers. Below are the links to the story they published on their site on Women’s Day 2015 and my post thanking them.
Jabong Internation Women’s Day #sheinspire initiative http://www.jabong.com/womens-day-story-yamini/
Thank you article to Jabong for Recognising The Vibrant Writer as inspiring http://www.thevibrantwriter.com/i-strongly-believe-in-power-of-mind-jabong-comwomens-day-story/
Jabong Women's Day Blogger Banner
Jabong Women’s Day Blogger Banner
I have worked as a Banker and have a Master’s Degree in Marketing (MBA) so I know how to make something attractive to the readers and of course your potential clients. I do use my Marketing Skills in my articles but never overuse it. Marketers that think they can lure clients with sweet talk and force them to buy products underestimate the buyer’s intelligence. I simply highlight the benefits of your products and services in a clear way that helps the potential client take a decision.
When I write an article I put myself in the reader’s position and write what I would like to read nothing fake or suspicious. Simple and clear so that every client turns into a recurring and loyal client; as that is how any business grows. My success as a content provider depends upon yours so I wish you Good Luck and Lots of Success.
If you wish to get in touch for a Writing Assignment please contact me at mail@thevibrantwriter.com or Just fill the Form Below.
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