7 Benefits of Investing in Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure for specific Goals

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Bajaj Allianz Logo

Everyone has dreams but only a few make them a reality. The reason behind the success is preparation and focus. Many people save money for future requirements like buying a dream home, seeing their child graduate from a premier school, traveling the world or enjoying their retirement. Such #LifeGoals give meaning to our life but is saving money the right way to prepare for these?
The answer is “No”. Savings are generally not focused on a specific purpose or achieving #LifeGoal. When sudden requirement arises, we tend to use our savings for that requirement delaying or even canceling our future goals. Low returns is another reason why saving is not the best strategy when it comes to preparing for a specific #LifeGoal.
In my post, 3 Financial lessons I learnt at the Bajaj Alliance Life Insurance Bloggers Meet, I had mentioned the 3 Financial lessons that help me understand how I can financially plan for any goal and get the highest return out of it.
Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure is a policy that helped me plan and focuses my investment for a specific goal.
Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure is a new-age #ULIP for life maximizers. It is a life goal based ULIP plan that provides an opportunity to plan yours once in a lifetime experiences with zero worries. With the choice of eight funds investment strategies, the return of life cover charge on policy maturity, tax-free returns on your investment and life cover; it is the best investment your money can buy. Furthermore, you can opt to receive the maturity benefit in installments by staying invested in fund(s) of your choice and receive the benefit of Return Enhancer, which is an addition of 0.5% of each due installment.

How ULIPs Work


        7 Benefits of Investing in Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure

1. Return Of Life Cover Charges*:

At the end of the policy term, on the date of maturity, the total amount of mortality charge deducted throughout the policy term w.r.t regular premium and top-up premium, if any, will be added back, respectively, into the Regular Premium Fund Value and into the Top up Fund Value, as applicable. This helps you to get more value for your investments & realize your life goals.

2. Return Enhancer:

Which is an addition of 0.5% of each due installment. During this period, the customer’s fund value will continue to participate in the fund(s) of his/her choice.

3. Four Portfolio Strategies⁺:

You can choose from 4 portfolio strategies according to your investment style to accomplish your life goals, such as

Strategy 1: Investor selectable portfolio strategy:

Policyholder can allocate the premiums based on his/her personal choice among the 8 funds & to suit his/her investment needs.

Strategy 2: Wheel of life portfolio strategy:

At different Life stages, everyone has different financial goals and therefore the investment strategy needs to be realigned to the same. Once this portfolio is chosen, basis years to maturity the premium paid and the fund value will be allocated to various funds (namely Bluechip Equity Fund, Equity Growth Fund II, Accelerator Mid-Cap Fund II, Bond Fund & Liquid Fund) in the proportion depending on the outstanding years to maturity.


Strategy 3: Trigger based portfolio strategy:

This portfolio strategy is helpful in securing the gains and maintaining the asset allocation. One can opt for this strategy at the commencement of the policy only. Premiums will be allocated in two funds Equity Growth Fund II (an equity oriented fund) & Bond Fund (a debt oriented fund) at 75:25 ratio and the same will be re-balanced/re-allocated based on a pre-defined trigger event (15% upward movement in NAV (unit price) of Equity Growth Fund II) since the previous rebalancing or from the NAV (unit price) at the inception of the policy, whichever is later. On the occurrence of trigger event, the fund value in Equity Growth Fund II which is in excess of three times the fund in Bond Fund will be considered as gains and will be switched to Liquid Fund by redemption of units from Equity Growth Fund II.


Strategy 4: Auto transfer portfolio strategy:

This portfolio strategy helps the policyholder to invest his/her money in a systematic manner over the years by automatically transferring it every month, from a low risk fund to fund (s) of his/her choice. The proportion to be switched will depend upon the number of outstanding months till the next premium due date. The strategy will not be available if the policyholder has opted for monthly mode.

4. Unlimited Fund Switches:

Invest as per your choice among the 8 funds available under Investor Selectable Portfolio strategy and switch between them without any tax liability.

5. Life Cover To Protect Your Family:

In case of death of the policyholder, if all due premiums are paid, the nominee receives the Higher of (Sum assured~ or Regular Premium Fund Value), plus Higher of (Top up Sum Assured or Top up Premium Fund Value. The above benefits will be payable as on date of intimation of death. This benefit is subject to a minimum guaranteed benefit of 105% of total premiums* paid.

6. Tax Benefits#:

This plan offers tax benefits at the time of investment as well as on maturity. Tax Benefit on investment up-to INR 150,000 can be claimed as a deduction under section 80C (life insurance). Under Section 10(10D), for ULIP’s, where the premium payable to the sum assured does not exceed 10%, the amount received on partial withdrawal or maturity is exempt from tax.

7. Get More Value For Staying Invested^:

Get Loyalty Additions & Fund Boosters for paying premium regularly and staying invested. So now why worry and limit our self to small returns.

 (1minimum switching amount is Rs. 5,000 or the value of units held by the policyholder in the fund to be switched from, whichever is lower.
^ subject to policy terms & conditions
# Subject to provisions as per Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax Laws are subject to change.
* if all premiums under the policy are paid up to date, the above will exclude any extra mortality charge and/or any GST w.r.t. mortality charge deducted. No ROMC will be available in a surrendered policy, a discontinued policy or a policy converted to paid-up.)

Following short video helps, us understand the #BajajAllianzLifeGoalAssure investment product in detail.  


For more details download the brochure by clicking on below link.

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3 Financial lessons I learnt at the Bajaj Alliance Life Insurance Bloggers Meet

It was the first working Monday of this new year when I had the privilege to attend #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance bloggers meet where I understood the importance of planning and investing for my #lifegoals. A creative person like me can dream big and have the appetite to desire the world for not only myself but for my family. The problem is I have no idea how big of a dent those dreams would make in my savings and if I have enough. I have always been comfortable with savings as my most preferred option to prepare for the future.

The big question is, “Will mere savings with limited interest support my big life goals?” The answer is no and the #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance bloggers meet forced me to think about my goals and the money I would require to fulfill them.
Bajaj Alliance Life Insurance MD & CEO Mr. Tarun Chugh

Bajaj Alliance Life Insurance MD & CEO Mr. Tarun Chugh

The event was very educational and encouraging about smart investments. There were presentations from #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance MD & CEO Mr. Tarun Chugh and #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance CIO Mr. Sampath Reddy. These two managed to help us understand the importance of making our money work hard. They shared with us the changes and improvements happening in the insurance industry especially #ULIPs. They highlighted how we need to plan for each #LifeGoal separately and strategically. I was amazed how they explained complicated financial topics in the simplest manner. They both answered all our questions and encouraged us to speak up about our experiences with investments.

Top 3 Financial Lessons that I learned at the meet:

1. Start Early:

The event was not only serious talk we also had some fun and played an interesting game of darts. In this game, we were given darts to throw at a spinning target that had our #LifeGoals written on it. The catch was we were given markers to stand upon as per our age. The younger you are the closer you can stand to the spinning target and get an easier chance to hit your #LifeGoal.

Bajaj Allianz Meet Life Goal Game

Bajaj Allianz Meet Life Goal Game

We enjoyed this fun game and this was a smart way to understand that it is a good idea to start our investments early. The earlier you start the better returns you can get for even lower investments. Do not let this discourage you from investing on the contrary start now. No matter your age just no point in any more delay.

2. Research:

Savings is safe but they do not give you the returns that could match big life goals. After attending the presentation session of Mr. Tarun Chugh and Mr. Sampath Reddy It was made clear to me that we need to broaden our knowledge about the new and upcoming investment options. It is wise to pick an organization which believes in keeping their customers well informed.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance CIO Mr. Sampath Reddy

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance CIO Mr. Sampath Reddy

The #BajajAllianzLifeInsurance CIO Mr. Sampath Reddy sends a monthly mail to their customers explaining the ups and downs of the market. This gives them the necessary tools to tweak their investments and increase their gains. We also learned that financial products like #ULIPs have lot new improved features. #ULIPs are safer, more flexible, transparent, they are simple to manage and can give us tax benefits while making our investment diversified. So #InvestBefikar now why worry and limit our self to small returns.


3. Make the money work:

In between his presentation, Mr. Tarun Chugh asked us a question, “Does your money work hard for you?” This got me thinking and sadly the answer for me currently is no. We all work hard for money but how many of us can confidently say that their money works for them too. We are happy with our traditional safe savings options where we scarify higher returns because we are not willing to try new.

As explained in the above point a proper study can help us find out the best solutions to #InvestBefikar so that our money works harder and grows better.

Bajaj Allianz ULIP Comparison

Bajaj Allianz ULIP Comparison

I also learned some amazing features of #ULIPs like they have been consistently exceeding benchmark returns. They give tax benefits at a lower cost. They provide life cover. Hence it is safer to say that #ULIPs are great investment tools for long-term #LifeGoals.

9 Natural (Edible) Ingredients for Flawless Radiant Skin

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12 Natural (Edible) Ingredients for Flawless Radiant Skin

9 Natural (Edible) Ingredients for Flawless Radiant Skin

In my blog posts How to Clear Dark Spots/ Scars from Acne or Chemical Burn Safely & Naturally and Camphor and Coconut Oil Blend: 7 Uses for Skin Problems, Pain & Much More I have mentioned natural ingredients to clear blemishes. These natural cures are mild and they require time and patience that we sometimes lack and the benefit of using natural ingredients is that we do not experience any side effects.

“The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.” Shubhra Krishan, Essential Ayurveda: What It Is and What It Can Do for You

Have you noticed how most of the beauty products available boast about the natural ingredient that makes their product different. Have you read made by real fruit or milk or oil on an expensive beauty product. If yes then why not use that product in its purest form rather than some nice smelling chemical treated product.

This article has a list of 9 such natural and edible skin enhancers that do wonders for our skin and they can be found in most kitchens.

9 Natural (Edible) Ingredients for Flawless Radiant Skin:

1. Lemon:

Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and it has been used as a natural bleach for generations. When lemon juice is applied regularly the spots and scars fade and the skin becomes radiant. Drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning also helps in clearing the skin as it flushes away the toxins. In case of sensitive skin kindly avoid applying lemon juice if you get mild irritation then dilute the lemon juice with either water or honey.

Lemon + Honey Face Pack:

Freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 tsp + honey 1 tsp. Mix well and apply. Keep for 20 minutes and rinse off. It gives us a nice glow.

2. Aloe Vera:

I have mentioned benefits of Aloe Vera in article Every day Visit to the Fountain of Youth …(Aloe Vera) (part 3). Aloe Vera gel is be used to soothe irritated or burnt skin. If applied regularly it fades scars, spots and marks making our skin blemish free. Aloe Vera moisturizes our skin and makes it glow. Aloe Vera gel can be directly applied to skin problems like acne, boils, burns, sunburns, scars and also mild psoriasis. It is also good as a face mask as it cools the skin and reduces the aging effect.  

Aloe Vera Gel Face Pack:

Apply the gel and keep it as long as you want. One can also keep it overnight. It moisturizes and refreshes the skin and removes tan and any other discoloration.    

3. Apple Cider Vinegar:

I have given a lot of benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits for Weight Loss and Overall Health & Beauty. Apple cider vinegar maintains the PH balance of the body. Always dilute ACV before applying on skin concentrated ACV can damage or burn skin so use 1 part ACV with 6 parts water or more. ACV improves skin conditions by clearing acne, eczema. You can add 2 tsp of ACV to your bath for an overall cleanse, it is also effective to eliminate body odor or any other skin conditions. Makes the skin clear and glowing as it reduces skin discoloration, acne or age spots, wrinkles, black or white heads and even suntan.

Natural Toner:

ACV + Water with a cotton ball and let it dry naturally or rinse off just after you cleanse your skin apply the mixture of then layer up your moisturizer.

       Warts Cure: It is a great remedy to remove warts.

       Soak a small cotton ball in ACV, place it on a wart, hold it down with help of a Band-Aid,

       leave overnight, and repeat until the wart is gone.

4. Potato:

Potato juice is a strong cure for tan, scars, spots and any other discoloration. Apply Juice on skin regularly for a blemish-free skin.

Potato Juice Ice Pack:

Freeze potato juice into ice cubes and rub this frozen potato juice cube on the affected area. Keep for 20 minutes and rinse off.  

5. Milk:

Milk is another strong cure for all kinds of blemishes. Like Lemon Juice Milk is also natural bleach and brightens as well moisturizes the skin. Milk can be combined with any ingredients to make a nourishing face pack, especially for dry skin.   

6. Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek is anti-inflammatory and can soothe aggravated acne.

Fenugreek Seed pack:

Soak 1 tsp of fenugreek seed in water overnight. In morning make a paste of the soaked seeds and apply the paste to the affected area. Keep for 20 minutes and rinse off. 

7. Besan/ Chickpea Flour:

Indian have been using besan to improve skin health for centuries. Besan is even used in pre-wedding bridal care. Besan can replace face wash or soap and it will make the skin naturally radiant.

Traditional Besan & Turmeric Pack:

For Dry Skin: 1 tbsp Besan + a pinch Turmeric make a paste with milk.

For Oily Skin: 1 tbsp Besan + a pinch Turmeric make a paste with rose water.

For Normal Skin: 1 tbsp Besan + a pinch Turmeric make a paste with curd.

8. Cucumber:

Cucumber juice makes skin brighter. Cucumber slices are used to solve puffy eyes problems. Cucumber masks can rejuvenate skin and give it a refreshing glow. Drinking cucumber smoothie or juice daily can make skin and hair beautiful from inside.

Cucumber Juice Ice Pack:

Freeze cucumber juice into ice cubes and rub this frozen cucumber juice cube on the skin. Keep for 20 minutes and rinse off. 

9. Honey:

Pure Honey removes dark spots and acne scars for good. Honey is antiseptic in nature and controls the spread of acne. Just like milk honey can be added to any face pack or can be directly applied on the skin for a glowing complexion.


9 Benefits of Jaggery including Weight loss and much more (Replace Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners)

Benefits of Jaggery

Benefits of Jaggery

I drink Chai or Tea like it is the fuel my brain runs on. I can have a cup any time of day or night. My only issue with tea was the sugar. I tried drinking Chai without sugar but I couldn’t get used to the taste. I tried artificial sweetener (only once) and this was completely against my own research but I hated the chemical aftertaste and the guilt of having something fake in the Chai which is special for me.

Finally, going back to old ancient wisdom gave me the solution. Our ancestors have always used pure organic jaggery to sweeten up all preparations. A small piece of Jaggery was eaten after meals as it helped in digestion and also gave a satisfyingly sweet end to the meal.

The guests were welcomed with a pale of cold water from an earthen pot, a fistful of peanuts and a small piece of Jaggery as peanuts and Jaggery would give instant energy after a tiring travel and also cold water with Jaggery would give the required hydration after spending long hours out in hot weather.

Unlike sugar which has no benefits, Jaggery is full of benefits that can help us improve our health. I love the taste of Ginger Chai with Jaggery. The rich earthy taste of jaggery actually improved my chai and I am able to stay away from white processed sugar for good.

Benefits of Jaggery:

1. Nutritious:

Jaggery is a rich source of Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, and Iron.

2. Supports Weight Loss:

Jaggery helps in weight loss as it improves our metabolic rate and it also helps to remove water retention.

3. Helps in Digestion:

Ayurveda encourages a small piece of Jaggery after meals as it helps in digestion. Jaggery helps in secretion of the digestive juices. It improves the functioning of the digestive system and cures constipation and bloating.

4. Purifies Blood:

The iron in Jaggery works as a blood purifier. It improves the Hemoglobin and helps with cramps and body ache during menstruation. Jaggery prevents Anemia as it maintains the count of red blood cells.

5. Detoxes Liver:

Jaggery cleanses the liver by flushing out the toxins.

6. Boosts Immunity:

Jaggery is loaded with minerals and anti-oxidants. This makes us stronger to fight against diseases.

7. Improves Skin Health:

As discussed earlier Jaggery purifies blood and hence helps with skin problems like acne. The anti-oxidants in Jaggery fights signs of aging like dark spots and wrinkles.

8. Provides Instant Energy:

Jaggery is a good source instant energy as it is a complex carb that slowly digests. As mentioned above jaggery can help when one feels weak or even after a hectic day or long travel.

9. Cures Cough, Cold, Headaches:

Jaggery provides warmth in the body and a nice hot cup of ginger tea with jaggery is my most preferred cure for cough, cold, headaches, body aches, and tiredness.

An important point to remember:

Always buy pure organic Dark brown color Jagerry which is not treated with chemicals.

Avoid the light color (white or yellow) Jagerry as it will not give you any benefits.

7 Best Natural Oil Mixes that Nourish Hair and Stops Hair Fall for Good

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7 Best Natural Hair Oil Mixes

7 Best Natural Hair Oil Mixes

In my last article about Moringa, I talked about Hair loss and wanted to share some more tips. Hair fall is a common lifestyle disorder that happens because of pollution, lack of nutrition in diet, medicines, hormonal imbalances, PCOS/D, stress and such modern lifestyle concerns. The loss of hair is depressing and it affects our confidence. We try to find instant solutions and end up buying expensive products. Most of these products boost their tall results but they hardly deliver.

When I was having serious hair loss I, researched good old traditional natural cures and tips that are followed for generations in India. I made a list of natural oil mixes that are nourishing enough to permanently stop hair fall. These oils also bring back the shine, volume, and bounce that we also lose.

Following oil mixes are made from ingredients that are easily available and these oil mixes do not require any kind heating or cooking. These are simple to make and they give great results. I can see a noticeable difference in my hair after regularly using these hair oil mixes but one needs to be patient with such traditional cures. Slowly, steadily and surely they work without any side effects and plus they do not cost much.

7 Best Natural Oil Mixes

Instruction for all Oil Mixes:
Rub in any of the following oil mixes on scalp and roots with fingertips, massage lightly, and keep overnight.
Apply any of the following oil mixes at least once a week. Heating not required. Prefer a mild and natural shampoo.

Oil Mix 1) Kalonji & Methi Oil:

Ingredients: 2 tsp. Kalonji Seeds, 2 tsp. Methi Seeds, 50 ml Pure Coconut Oil, 50 ml Castor Oil, Glass bottle or container.
Method: Grind Kalonji Seeds into dry powder and keep separately. I used my mixer’s dry masala jar. One can also use a coffee grinder. Grind Methi Seeds into fine dry powder. It is always a good Idea to grind these seeds separately first, as they have different hardness. Once you have both seeds in form of a coarse powder grind them together so they mix well together and become smoother.
Pour this powder mix into a clean and dry glass container. Pour 50ml Pure Coconut Oil and 50ml Castor oil in the container. Close the lid and shake to mix all the ingredients together. Keep this container in Sunlight for 4 to 5 days. I used it from the first day itself and found amazing results but Sunlight helps these ingredients to release their natural oils, which will be more beneficial.
The powder will settle at the base of the container. Shaking the bottle before every use is not required. You can change the ratio of castor oil and coconut oil. If the oil feels too thick reduce the quantity of castor oil and increase the quantity of coconut oil but does not skip castor oil.
Benefits: Hair fall stops, hair becomes thick, hair becomes soft, hair becomes dark in color, prevents greying, hair looks shiny and straight after wash.

Now starts the list of simpler mixes.

Oil Mix 2) Castor & Olive Oil:

Ingredients: Castor Oil 50 ml, Olive Oil 50 ml, Vitamin E 4 Capsules
Method: Mix all the above ingredients and store the container in a cool and dry place.
Benefits: Stops Hair fall, hair becomes thick, hair becomes soft, hair looks shiny and straight after wash.

Oil Mix 3) Mustard Oil (has a strong smell)

Ingredients: Mustard Oil 50 ml, Vitamin E 4 Capsules
Method: Mix both the above ingredients and store the container in a cool and dry place.
Benefits: Hair fall stops, hair becomes thick, hair becomes dark in color and prevents greying,

Oil Mix 4) Coconut & Castor Oil

Ingredients: Coconut Oil 50 ml, Castor Oil 50 ml, Vitamin E 4 Capsules
Method: Mix all the above ingredients and store the container in a cool and dry place.
Benefits: Hair fall stops, hair becomes thick, hair becomes soft, hair looks shiny and straight after wash.

Oil Mix 5) Onion Juice & Castor Oil

Ingredients: Onion Juice 2 Tbsp, Castor Oil 2 Tbsp, Vitamin E 4 Capsules
Method: Mix all the above ingredients and store the container in a cool and dry place.
Benefits: Hair fall stops, hair becomes thick, hair becomes soft and prevents greying.

Oil Mix 6) Aloe Vera Gel & Castor Oil

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel 2 Tbsp, Castor Oil 2 Tbsp, Vitamin E 4 Capsules
Method: Mix all the above ingredients and store the container in a cool and dry place.
Benefits: Hair fall stops, hair becomes thick, hair becomes soft, hair looks shiny and straight after wash.

Oil Mix 7) Til & Castor Oil

Ingredients: Coconut Oil 50 ml, Castor Oil 50 ml
Method: Mix both the above ingredients and store the container in a cool and dry place.
Benefits: Hair fall stops, hair becomes thick, hair becomes soft, hair becomes dark in color, hair looks shiny and straight after wash.

9 Moringa Powder Benefits for Anti-Ageing, Diabetes, Hormonal Imbalance, Weight Loss and Much More

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9 Moringa Benefits

9 Moringa Benefits

I have been a fighter of Hormonal Imbalance issue for a few years now. Nowadays a large number of people especially women are struggling with lifestyle issues like Diabetes, PCOS/D, Obesity, Hormonal Imbalance, Skin issues, Hair problems, energy loss, joint pains and such other annoying health complications that challenges our life in many ways.

The so-called health industry tries to sell us Multivitamins that can make us stronger from within to increase our chances of success in the fight against lifestyle disorders. They tell us that these multivitamins or supplements have natural nutrients, vitamins, minerals, metals and God knows what but how genuine are these products. They charge a small treasure for a smaller bottle of these capsules and the results are hardly worth the price we pay for months.

I was looking for a genuine natural product that can help me get stronger from within and help my body balance the hormones in a natural way. My search ended when I found out the benefits of Moringa Powder now after trying this power for 4 months I have seen incredible results and want to let you know why you should take this multivitamin packed powder daily.

7 Moringa Powder (Natural Multivitamin) Benefits:

1. Natural Multivitamin:

Moringa is known as the miracle tree or tree of life because it is loaded with Multivitamins. It has 25 times more Iron than in Spinach, it has 4 times more Protein than in Eggs, It has 5 times more Vitamin C than Oranges, It has 17 times more Calcium than Milk, It has 10 times more Vitamin A than Carrots and It has 15 times more Potassium than Bananas.

2. Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Ageing, and Boosts Immune System:

Moringa powder has Vitamin C, B, quercetin, the chlorogenic acid that has the ability to lower the oxidation and inflammation of the body. These also lower the aging process and boost the immune system. I have experienced a decrease in body aches and joint pains because of my daily intake of Moringa Powder.

3. Helps with Diabetes as it balances sugar and insulin level:

Moringa powder helps control the blood sugar levels and insulin levels which keeps a check on Diabetes.

4. Helps in Weight Loss:

As moringa powder controls our hormones including insulin the body gets out of fat storage mode and starts utilizing the already stored fat for energy.

 5. Balances Hormones:

Moringa powder naturally balances insulin level hence controls hunger pangs, It controls thyroid secretion, it increases hemoglobin, it controls stress hormones, it helps keep our mind relaxed, moringa provides necessary nourishment to keep our hormones functioning smooth.

6. Nourishes Skin and Hair:

Moringa has natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral compounds that protects skin and hair from a lot of problems and helps improve their health.

My experience with moringa for skin and hair has been miraculous. My acne spots have cleared and my hormonal acne breakout has reduced remarkably. My hair fall problem another hormonal issue has stopped for good. My hair feels healthier, shinier and thicker. Both my skin and hair have become healthier from within.

7. Improves Digestive Health:

Ayurved has used moringa for years to treat digestive disorders, fungal infections and other diseases that concerns liver, kidney, intestine, stomach, colon and thus the whole digestive system. It helps the Liver function well and removes toxins that make the Liver sluggish. It is also capable of helping the Kidney flush out the Kidney stones.

My personal experience with moringa has been with constipation issues. Be careful with the powder if you take more than ½ tsp in a day you will get loose motion as I mentioned it earlier it is a very strong and natural laxative.

8. Helps with Brain Health:

Moringa is a rich source of Iron, Protein and Amino Acids that help the brain function smoothly. It provides energy and hence makes one feel good. I have experienced an increase in energy level after starting my daily intake of moringa powder.

9. Detoxes Body and eliminates water retention:

The Moringa actually helps to detox body by eliminating toxins and also the water our body retains. It makes the body lighter. It takes out a lot of burden on our organs and helps them function smoothly. I have experienced a reduction in swelling in legs due to water retention.

Ayurved has used Moringa Powder as medicine for centuries. It is time we go back to our roots.

How to take Moringa Powder:

One needs to get used to the taste of moringa powder and this is a strong laxative hence I highly recommend to start this powder on a rest day.
½ tsp Moringa Powder
1 or half cup lukewarm water
Mix vigorously as it does not dissolve fast. Drink and then rinse your mouth with some more water.
I have this either early in the morning or before going to bed.


1. Do not mix the powder in hot or warm water as moringa loses its nutrition when we cook it. Keep the water at the temperature that you can drink in one go.
2. If you under medication or are pregnant or breastfeeding then do not take this or any other supplement unless it is advised by your doctor.