Boys Don’t Cry and They Respect Others

Boys Don’t Cry and They Respect Others
Boys Don’t Cry and They Respect Others

I was delightfully surprised when I first saw the “Boys Don’t Cry” campaign that has uncovered a shameful truth in India. Some men behave like jerk because in a country like India boys are always treated in a very special way. Little spoiled heir of the family who is bought up to believe he is extremely special and the world has to treat him in that way.

Equality means nothing to most of the families where they have full rights to order around the daughter-in-law like an unpaid maid but the son-in-law is treated like a king. Children watch these behaviors and learn from them. Boys subconsciously place themselves as superiors to girls.

Thankfully the conditions are changing. Girls are fighting for their self worth by proving that they are not inferior. The rigid mindset of people is making it a hell of a battle. I am not saying that all men behave badly but those who do make their entire families life miserable and the blame goes to the upbringing of that particular unbearable man.

It is refreshingly delightful to see that this generation of parents are rapidly evolving out of the ‘boy is better than girl’ attitude and are busy concentrating on the child they are blessed with. They want to give the best of everything they can to this child and want to raise him or her right. I just hope that the children get the lesson of treating others with respect as in the generation before us especially some men clearly missed it.

I am going on a different topic today as I recently faced a situation that annoyed me enough to write about it and spread awareness. Working at home has given me a huge advantage of not taking the bus or local train daily and I couldn’t be more thankful. I dreaded the long commutes and would hate those ugly situations when in a bus or any other crowded public place any pervert would try to touch, grab or whatever the low life could possibly do. I hated me more than the pervert if I didn’t harshly respond to such incident.

I am a firm believer of raising your voice and making a scene in such an uncomfortable situations where the pervert pays for his action. People in the crowd or any police officer nearby can definitely help the woman if she gets over the embarrassment and just raises her voice.

After a long time I faced a similar ugly situation and what’s worse it happened in a holy place like Shirdi when I was assisting my elderly in-laws through their way out of the crowded temple after Darshan. A middle-aged man at least 20 years elder than me was standing right behind me in front of the door through which we were suppose to go out of the temple as the security guards told us to moved forward he came too close from behind when he touched me I looked behind and gave him an angry stare. He moved a bit and then again came too close now I knew he was doing it intentionally.

I moved out of the line to the side and in a very I mean very loud voice I told him to either back off and if he gets closer to me one more time I will make sure he gets handled by the police standing nearby. He was surprised and looked like he got kicked in his family jewels. He did not expect that reaction from me. His family way behind the line saw the whole deal and from the look of his wife’s face I was sure he would get the punishment he deserved.

It is absolutely ridiculous that in holy places also some people behave like pigs. I think it is because they simply cannot control their behavior. I want to share this annoying incident because I hope everyone reading this will raise their voice when such incidents happen. Police and authority figures are always happy to help just don’t keep quite. Remember if something like this happens, you are not the one who should be embarrassed or scared. Make it known to the pervert that you will not tolerate any kind of misbehavior and avoid any possible offence. I pray to make the girls fearless and reduce their tolerance level. Girls for your own sake be more spice than sugar.

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  1. A very good article. It is high time a woman should raise her voice. Raising your voice and let others know your feeling is very important. Reaction should be spontaneous to be more effective.
    Wake up woman. Self respect is the best respect.
    Neeta K

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