Buddhist Prayer Wheels

Buddhist Prayer Wheels

Have you got a chance to see prayer wheels at a Buddhist Monastery? Did you ever see a monk or a Buddhist believer rotate a prayer wheel small i.e. one that can be spun around by hand or huge enough that are kept stationary and can be bigger than us? Did you ever wonder; “wow, this looks beautiful but what do they mean? What is imprinted on them and what do people chant while rotating a prayer wheel?

Well if you have wonder about any of above questions may be I can help you. As per Buddhism just touching a prayer wheel no matter big or small purifies our mind and removes all the negativity from our life. It protects from all sorts of harm from others. It also shields us from diseases. Some people with chronic illness when they lost their confidence in modern medicine and tried the healing powers of prayer wheels have got extraordinary results.

One needs to follow the right method of rotating a prayer wheel as the imprint on them are actually mantra written in ancient Buddhist language and it is very important that one must rotate the prayer wheel in clockwise direction. A slow clockwise direction rotation of the wheel is like reciting the mantra. If the wheel contains 100 mantras accumulated in it that means one turn of the wheel is like reciting the mantra 100 times.

Visualization is very important while turning a prayer wheel. One needs to visualize that rays of light are coming out of the mantras and purifying you relieving you of all your diseases and negativity which Buddhism teaches as cause of diseases.

“Om mani padme hum” is the most important mantra of Buddhism. The one who recites this mantra achieves perfection. It means six realms of the universe. These realms are also mentioned in Sanskrit as;
Deva (The realm of Gods),
Asura (The realm of Demi Gods or Jealous Gods),
Manusya (The realm of Humans),
Tiryagyoni (The realm of animals),
Preta (The realm of hungry or unsatisfied ghosts)
Naraka (Hell)

It is believed that if you keep a prayer wheel at home your house becomes a holy place. That is it gets pure from all negativity and suffering.

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4 comments on “Buddhist Prayer Wheels

  1. yamini Post author

    Thanks for your comment Niranjan. Surely the Buddhism is an ocean of knowledge. For a philosophical person like you this can be a very rich source for information. The serenity of the monastery will add to the benefits of this wisdom and so will the blessings and positive energy you will receive by rotating the prayer wheel.

  2. niranjang

    thanks for the info.. These days, I am more attracted to philosophies of Buddhism and this information was good for my knowledge, I would surely go to a Buddhist monastery and move it clockwise..

  3. yamini Post author

    Yes they are something amazing. Thank you Rajesh for your comment.

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