Clarity is the First Step towards Success

Since my last post – Is there a Formula for Failure? Lesson from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s ‘Your Sacred Self’ I felt like I told half of a story. In that, post we discussed how to avoid failures and the next question that popped up my mind was “Is there a formula for success?” I have…

Being classy! – A Funny Incident Post

Few days back somebody recommended my husband a classy new restaurant famous for its Mughlai cuisine. Mumbai has a lot of restaurants that serve kebabs, biryanis and tandoories; so what made this restaurant worth mentioning was its origin. Just like the recommender and my husband this restaurant is from Kolkata. After running four successful branches…

9 Takeaways from IndiBlogger’s BNLF event

The two days of BNLF has enriched my desire, excitement, and knowledge about professional blogging. I treasured meeting, interacting, and spending time with bunch of creative people who proudly calls themselves BLOGGERS. Bloggers are a special tribe that likes sharing their passion with the world. We like to express our creativity boldly. Some of us…


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