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20 Best Time Management Tips from Brain Tracy – Part 2

20 Best Time Management Tips from Brain Tracy – Part 2

20 Best Time Management Tips from Brain Tracy – Part 2

In the last post we discussed 5 tips for Time Management from Brain Tracy. For those who really want to master the art Mr. Tracy has given some more tips. Some or all these ideas can help us improve our productivity.

6. Deadlines and Rewards: Mr. Tracy instructs us to maintain deadlines. It is my personal experience that I work effectively if I have a set time limit to complete a project. Deadlines give us a sense of urgency to finish what we start. It is convenient to prioritize our projects as per their completion date. To make this effective give yourself a nice fully deserving reward after completing a major project with set time frame. Rewards work – carrot is always better than stick.

7. Time Log: If you have trouble completing projects in time. Then to understand your weaker areas it is a highly recommended technique to maintain a record of time spent on every small task you do. With the help of this you can do self analysis and find out where most of your time is used. Mr. Tracy tells us that successful people keep records of time in minutes while others in hours or even days. Start with whatever you are comfortable with. It may feel tedious to record time of every little thing you do but once you find out where most of your time is getting used or wasted you can make some serious changes that can result in achieving most of your goals.

8. Procrastination: Procrastination is my biggest weakness. I struggle the most with starting of any projects especially the important ones. I am learning to get over this using few tips from Mr. Tracy such as understanding the difference between urgent and important and choosing important over urgent whenever possible. As we saw in the part 1 of this post the 80:20 rule can help us in spending more time on important tasks. Developing a ‘Do it Now’ attitude can create a sense of urgency for important tasks.

9. Delegate: Appointing someone to complete a task sounds good. If you are a perfectionist you’ll find it difficult to accept the work done from others until you make some suggestions and changes in the output. This can result in rework and end up losing time. One must learn to let go on little things and focus more on the bigger picture. Don’t fuss on unimportant issues or tasks. Do not waste productive time on things that can be done by someone you can hire. Think through what you want done, pick the right person, check, review, inspect and be on top of it till it is done. Once you find the right person for the right job maintain a good relationship keeping your future projects in mind.

10. Meetings: When I was working in a bank I noticed that the meetings were highly productive whenever someone from the top management was present in it. These meetings had a set agenda with PowerPoint presentations, time spent on every slide of the presentation was predetermined. Everyone had printout of the presentation so no one generally suggested to go back on any previous slide. In absence of some high ranking manager the meetings had a trend to go not as per plan and end up taking more time than scheduled. Why did this happen? Simply because successful people value time and they never allow themselves or others around to waste any. You don’t have to reach to the highest position of your career to get serious about your schedule. Start getting serious of your schedule and you will start climbing the ladder towards success. Do not waste time in meetings, have a purpose for the meeting, meeting is an investment, agenda or list of things to be discussed be present in such a way that it helps you and all the participants.

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20 Best Time Management Tips from Brain Tracy – Part 1

20 Best Time Management Tips from Brain Tracy – Part 1

20 Best Time Management Tips from Brain Tracy – Part 1

Everyone tries to plan their whole year in the first week of the year. I don’t need to tell you about the importance of Time management. Though we all know the importance we still find ourselves struggling to maintain our organizer and catch up with the planner.

Brain Tracy is the well known for his time management training and seminars. He is the success coach who inspires professionals all over the world. I have studied his work and found these 20 tips that can be helpful for us manage time in a better way. Next time when you plan for something big and important or you just try to fill up your daily organizer I hope these tips come in handy.

As per Mr. Tracy ‘Time management is life management,’ he is so right about it. Let’s make this year fruitful with the help of these simple suggestions from one of the world’s best coaches.

1. Goals:

First step to make any success is to be clear about your goal. The finish line should be fixed in your mind. This can be a Personal, Financial or my favorite Self Development Goal.

Brain Tracy gives us a hint to find out our deepest desires. Try to answers following questions without thinking if it is possible or logical or anything negative. The right answers have to be from your heart.

. What one thing you will do if you know you will not fail?
. If you just won a million dollars?
. What will you do if you have just 6 months to live?

Your desires are hidden in the answers you give to above questions. Try using them as inspiration while you make those goals. Give yourself a deadline after all we are trying to tame time.

2. Plans:

Once you are sure about your goal – planning is the next part. We all are good in planning, executing them is the whole another story. Take your time at this step as a solid plan can help us achieve our goals considering all our strengths and weaknesses. As we are trying to get our hold on time management so put strict timelines on every stage of your plan.

3. Priorities:

Priorities make or break our life. Every day we choose to give time and energy to matters that are important to us. Most important issues get more attention. We need to learn how to prioritize everything we do to support our plans and goals. Mr. Tracy recommends keeping a habit of making a list for the weeks work in advance ideally on the weekend before or if you like to make daily plans make the list every night before sleeping. Again timeline is important so try to incorporate it in your list.

4. Analysis:

Prioritizing your to do list can become easier if we apply the 80:20 rule. Say you made a list of 10 tasks now as per the rule find the most important 2 and first finish the top 2. Give 80% of your time to the most important task on your list i.e. the task that can make a direct impact on your goal.
You can remind yourself the importance of time management by asking these questions;

. What is the most valuable use of my time right now?
. Most valuable use of my time?

Important things have values in future. Unimportant things may look useful now.

5. Concentration:

Focus is the key to success. Hence the 5th Time management tip is to concentrate on the single task at hand. I am not a fan of multitasking. Trying to give the complete attention to a single task will assure the success. Focusing our mind on one important thing is always better and must I say easier than juggling many. Concentration reduces rework and saves time so it is a must for time management skills.

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A Prayer for New Beginnings

A Prayer for New Beginnings

A Prayer for New Beginnings

The internet is buzzing with New Year’s wishes and I don’t want to stay behind but giving a plain greeting doesn’t feel right. In the last couple of years we have grown so close through the posts and the comments, mails and because of our entire social media connections. In honor of this beautiful relationship where we are trying to grow together and build a better life I want to share something nice with you.

While we all are planning new adventures to take on in the new year I would like to say a prayer with you and wish us all to achieve all the dreams we dare to dream and much more. In my post “3 Mistakes you are probably making while you Pray” I have shared a small prayer mentioned by bestselling author ‘Marianne Williamson’ in an interview. I would to remind you the simple but very meaningful prayer that we can say everyday or every morning to the higher power we believe in.

• Where would you have me go?
• What would you have me do?
• What would you have me say and to whom?

This prayer was appreciated by many and taking your response as an inspiration I would like to share a longer prayer with you. A prayer I hope brings you the good luck, health, happiness and fortunes in this beautiful New Year. So please read it aloud and refer it to the you believe in. Let that divine force be your guide and help you have a very fruitful year ahead. Let us not forget to be grateful for all our gifts and opportunities we were blessed with in the last year.

Dear God,

We place in your hands our burdens and our questions and our responsibilities,
We place in your hands our debts and our assets,
We place in your hands our fears about money and work, and
We place in your hands our visions and our prayers and our hopes for money and work,
This and then all things dear God we pray to be lifted to the highest level of divine order,
May we be who you would have us be, that we might do what you would have us do,
May our work in the world dear God be more than just a Job may it be a calling,
As I surrender myself and ask that I may be used by you,
That whatever I do be it for the love that uplifts all things,
May the brilliance and the genius that is your spirit within us move through me,
in collaboration with the genius moving through everyone else to create the most beautiful world.
Thank You.

Happy New Year! May this year bring immense happiness, great health, peace and prosperity in our lives.

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Boys Don’t Cry and They Respect Others

Boys Don’t Cry and They Respect Others

Boys Don’t Cry and They Respect Others

I was delightfully surprised when I first saw the “Boys Don’t Cry” campaign that has uncovered a shameful truth in India. Some men behave like jerk because in a country like India boys are always treated in a very special way. Little spoiled heir of the family who is bought up to believe he is extremely special and the world has to treat him in that way.

Equality means nothing to most of the families where they have full rights to order around the daughter-in-law like an unpaid maid but the son-in-law is treated like a king. Children watch these behaviors and learn from them. Boys subconsciously place themselves as superiors to girls.

Thankfully the conditions are changing. Girls are fighting for their self worth by proving that they are not inferior. The rigid mindset of people is making it a hell of a battle. I am not saying that all men behave badly but those who do make their entire families life miserable and the blame goes to the upbringing of that particular unbearable man.

It is refreshingly delightful to see that this generation of parents are rapidly evolving out of the ‘boy is better than girl’ attitude and are busy concentrating on the child they are blessed with. They want to give the best of everything they can to this child and want to raise him or her right. I just hope that the children get the lesson of treating others with respect as in the generation before us especially some men clearly missed it.

I am going on a different topic today as I recently faced a situation that annoyed me enough to write about it and spread awareness. Working at home has given me a huge advantage of not taking the bus or local train daily and I couldn’t be more thankful. I dreaded the long commutes and would hate those ugly situations when in a bus or any other crowded public place any pervert would try to touch, grab or whatever the low life could possibly do. I hated me more than the pervert if I didn’t harshly respond to such incident.

I am a firm believer of raising your voice and making a scene in such an uncomfortable situations where the pervert pays for his action. People in the crowd or any police officer nearby can definitely help the woman if she gets over the embarrassment and just raises her voice.

After a long time I faced a similar ugly situation and what’s worse it happened in a holy place like Shirdi when I was assisting my elderly in-laws through their way out of the crowded temple after Darshan. A middle-aged man at least 20 years elder than me was standing right behind me in front of the door through which we were suppose to go out of the temple as the security guards told us to moved forward he came too close from behind when he touched me I looked behind and gave him an angry stare. He moved a bit and then again came too close now I knew he was doing it intentionally.

I moved out of the line to the side and in a very I mean very loud voice I told him to either back off and if he gets closer to me one more time I will make sure he gets handled by the police standing nearby. He was surprised and looked like he got kicked in his family jewels. He did not expect that reaction from me. His family way behind the line saw the whole deal and from the look of his wife’s face I was sure he would get the punishment he deserved.

It is absolutely ridiculous that in holy places also some people behave like pigs. I think it is because they simply cannot control their behavior. I want to share this annoying incident because I hope everyone reading this will raise their voice when such incidents happen. Police and authority figures are always happy to help just don’t keep quite. Remember if something like this happens, you are not the one who should be embarrassed or scared. Make it known to the pervert that you will not tolerate any kind of misbehavior and avoid any possible offence. I pray to make the girls fearless and reduce their tolerance level. Girls for your own sake be more spice than sugar.

Time To Take A Break, Time To Do What You Love!

Here’s good news! Doing the things that you love can actually be a good thing and can benefit your health immensely. Don’t believe us? Here is some scientifically backed evidence that proves that doing your favourite things is actually good to you! So banish those guilt thoughts, start feeling good about yourself and discover why the things you love might be wonderful for your health and you.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Put on those party shoes and get grooving

Although you might wake up woozy and heavy headed the next morning after a late night out with your friends and feel that it is not something that is good for you, you might be surprised that spending a night out actually has some benefits attached to it. Agreed, that heavy drinking is definitely not good for us, but throwing out your best moves on the dance floor can greatly bring down stress, tension and worrying. Stick to tonic water or mock tails if you are looking to prevent a hangover the next morning, but still want to have the best time of your night out. Also, it has been proven that moderate consumption of beer can help in reducing diabetes, heart disorders, strokes and dementia. So, maybe, a pint of your favourite lager might not be a bad idea after all.

Staying glued to that game

Cheering for your team while they play football can be a completely stressful event but if you are generally watching football on the television or on the screen, can actually impact your mental health in a positive way. According to a study conducted by the Mental Health Foundation, it was seen that men who are introverts and unable to share or talk about the feelings were more outgoing and extroverted when it came to watching their favourite sport. The study also revealed that over 78% of the men who participated in the study were not embarrassed to display their positive emotions, such as hugging their friends, during the game.

Bathing in the sun

Before you rush off to strip out and douse yourself in sunbathing oil, read further. Although a little bit of sun is good, too much sun is still bad you. Excessive exposure towards the sun may not only cause melanoma but can also result in premature skin ageing and cause actinic keratosis, which is a skin disorder, characterised by ungainly growths of scaly skin. Ensure you get your time in the sun, preferably early morning before 10 AM, as the early morning sun rays are not only helpful in alleviating tiredness but is also useful in boosting libidos and even easing depression. In addition, the early morning sun rays are also helpful in producing vitamin D which is extremely crucial to the good health of bones.

Watching your favourite flick

If you are of the opinion that only documentaries, educational or world cinema is good for you, then you are wrong. Although such movies are stimulating for the mind, sometimes it helps to go all out and watch a slapstick comedy, just to make the heart happy. According to leading researchers, watching happy and funny movies that cause us to laugh helps in expanding the blood vessels, which further helps in improving the flow of blood throughout the body.

Carlo is a passionate writer that loves to share her knowledge and experiences on the internet. She has written many articles on weight loss products, including Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, a natural weight loss product derived from the Garcinia Cambogia Fruit.

Clean is Healthy & Happy (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan/ Clean India a Mass Movement)

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan/ Clean India a Mass Movement

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan/ Clean India a Mass Movement

“It does not require money, to live neat, clean and dignified..” — Mahatma Gandhi.

A new wave of positivity is taking over Indians all over the world. Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a much needed hope to the people of my country. He has shown us a vision of a Developed India. He has taken many initiatives towards the nation’s growth but the one that touched my heart is the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India a Mass Movement).

Indians are very serious about personal cleanliness. Most of us are groomed to follow a cleanliness morning ritual before our morning puja/ prayers. Every house is cleaned daily in the morning and we take cleaning to the whole new level during festival seasons when every nook and corner is scrubbed till everything in the house shines in its full glory. Most of us do not appreciate breakfast or any other meal in bed unless you are hospitalized. Outside shoes in the house is a strict NO.

What I want to say is Indians are clean but India is not and it is a sad fact that the Vibrant Leader of our nation wants to change. I would love to see a clean and healthy India and I am eager to know all the initiatives that the government will be taking for it.

Mr. Prime Minister has made the Clean India Project a Mass Mission (Abhiyan) because Government solely cannot turn this vision into reality. Each and every citizen will have to make it a personal mission to keep our country clean. I request Indians all over the world to be an active part of this mission where we can have a clean, healthy and happy future.

Message from Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on
“On 2nd October we are launching Swachh Bharat Mission, a massive mass movement that seeks to create a Clean India. Cleanliness was very close to Mahatma Gandhi’s heart. A clean India is the best tribute we can pay to Bapu when we celebrate his 150th birth anniversary in 2019.”

How can we all contribute to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India a Mass Movement):

1. This festival season encourage your neighbors to take the cleanliness drive beyond houses and clean your society or neighborhood,

2. Donate time or/and money to cleanliness drives happening in your city,

3. Encourage colleagues to clean areas around offices,

4. Encourage management to take green initiatives for the entire organization not only to save the environment but also save a lot on companies cost. This may increase your annual bonus.

5. Spread the word. Tell as many people as possible about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India a Mass Movement). Encourage people to be an active contributor like you for the better future of everyone.

6. Teach kids methods of saving the environment like minimizing wastages, recycling, proper waste disposable and get them excited about planting and growing trees. When their young minds adopt the value of clean surroundings they will grow up to be environment savers and not damagers.

7. Complain to the right office or authorities about any unattended garbage bins or if garbage is not collected regularly.

8. Discourage people from littering and make them aware about the mass mission and its benefits.

9. Encourage colleagues, students, neighbors by arranging contests and campaigns to come up with ideas to keep your surroundings clean.

10. Give the entire nation the same respect you give to your home. This amazing country has given us a lot and it is our chance to repay by making it clean for our own health, happiness and prosperity.

Let’s make India clean green and beautiful together. Our ancestors fought for our freedom this is our chance to give all we got for our development.

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