Get Natural and Stop Putting Toxins on Your Skin

Chemicals are a big part of our life. They find their way in our house, in our cars and even in our body. Knowingly or unknowingly we are layering up harmful toxins on our skin. People are obsessed with their looks not only women but even men are liberally using chemical rich cosmetics for a younger and attractive skin.

As life goes on most women or girls get so occupied with their ever increasing responsibilities that they start neglecting themselves. Slowly this neglect starts reflecting on their face with multiple problems like discoloration, wrinkles, age spots, dullness, dryness and makes us look years older.

Suddenly one fine day we realize our mistake and buy the most expensive skin treatment we can afford. Of course we want to believe in those tempting advertisements in which just with a touch of the magic cream or serum we’ll get our youth back. After spending a fortune on these so called miracle treatments we still look the same just with lighter wallets.

If you go for an expensive chemical treatment and end up with just not getting the promised results without any side effects you can consider yourself lucky as most women end up regretting the permanent damage they caused to their delicate skin.

One should never forget that our skin is a living organ and not just some dead tissue. We should be very careful about what we put on our skin. I try to make sure that most of the products I apply on my skin are natural in fact most of them are edible. I follow my Grandma’s rule – “If you cannot put it in your mouth don’t put it on your skin.” This rule makes it very clear that one should avoid harmful chemicals that are poisonous to our skin.

Indian women put the worst kind of poison on their skin and hair in the name of Sindoor. Don’t get me wrong I am not against applying Sindoor but want to inform you the dangerous side effects of the red chemical that is sold in the name of Sindoor. We need to be aware that the Sindoor we are buying is not lead based or any other harmful chemical but is natural Kumkum/ Vermilion.

Two simple tips to check if the Kumkum is pure:

1. When you rub Kumkum between two fingers it should feel soft, smooth and not rough,

2. When you sprinkle a pinch of Kumkum in a cup of water it should float and not sink.

Natural ingredients like Kumkum also known as Vermilion or Red Sandalwood (Rakht Chandan) are completely safe and easily available. Natural Sindoor gives a cooling effect hence it is applied on the head and also in-between the eyebrows i.e. the location of our Third Eye Chakra. This chakra encourages overall good health, clear thinking and focus.

I want to encourage you to take regular care of yourself in a natural, safe and effective way. Nature is abundant with ingredients that can make us radiant and beautiful. You will find some of these ingredients in my latest book Simple Natural Homemade Beauty Masks that Work Free download only for few days.

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  1. Identify the type of your skin and accordingly cleanse it twice daily with a natural cleanser. If you don’t cleanse your skin regularly, the pores is going to be. Clogged resulting in acne and pimples. Don’t use harsh chemicals and instead choose products made with natural ingredients or allow it to be yourself.
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