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I have mentioned about achieving goals in “Shakti Gawain’s – Creative Visualization – 4 Effective Steps to Achieve Any Goal” post. These 4 steps are great to achieve a goal specially a new one. What if you are struggling with a goal that has become unachievable for you? Then you need a different strategy.

Tony Robbins is a great motivational speaker. He is so full of energy that his seminar feels like a rock show. He gives loud and clear instructions and points out our weaknesses that are holding us back from achieving our goals. I like his straight forward method of motivating as it helped me understand some of my habits that were causing hindrance to achieve some of my personal goals.

As per Mr. Robbins achieving goals does not depend upon will power as will power most likely fails but it depends upon our own standard. Now what is a standard? Well a standard is the way we look at ourselves or our beliefs about ourselves. If I believe I am a great writer then no matter what happens I will not compromise on the quality of my work. I will not be satisfied with it till it is perfect. This similarly goes with I am an excellent cook or a straight A student or a champion or best in anything. If we believe in something as our standard we will always strive to make it true.

So if I want to lose weight which is my challenging goal. I will have to believe in a standard that I am fit, active, energetic, lean, vibrant, and healthy. Once I create this as my standard I will consciously and subconsciously always strive to make it true. I will act per this standard and goal will become achievable and not challenging. It’s all about the mindset.

Here are some steps by Tony Robbins that can be further helpful to achieve goals:

1. Describe the area of life that you need to change in current situation. Be specific. Write it down.

2. Write down your rituals or habits that has created that current situation. Be honest.

3. Write down your goal in detail. Be specific. Create a vision about achieving it.

4. Write down the rituals or habits that will get you your goal. Everyone knows what needs to be done the doing it needs the push.

Let’s keep the vision in our mind and raise our standards. Let’s conquer an immovable goal.

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  1. yamini Post author

    Writing gives us clarity. Our mind is filled with clutter and it gets hard to focus but when we write about something we concentrate on that perticular thing and get a clear picture. I am glad you liked the post 🙂
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    Thanks Philip, I am glad you liked my post 🙂

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    Hi Yamini,
    Good to be back again,
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