I recently visited my uncle’s place and got into a long discussion about colouring grey hair. When it comes to hair colour, like most of the elders, my uncle and aunt also have a lot of mixed opinions and lot of confusion.

If they go for natural products like henna then it may not give a proper colour. If the hair has more salt then pepper then henna gives a funny reddish colour which most of the elderly people do not prefer. The alternative is chemical loaded expensive hair crème that has a high risk of damaging hair.

If we make up our mind to buy the expensive chemical loaded hair crème we do not get a smaller pack for trial. So we cannot be sure about the risk of allergy or any other damage. For those with short hair it makes no sense to buy these expensive hair crème big packs targeted for long hair.

I always wanted to try a hair colour but it had to be safe and ammonia-free. I have kept clear from chemical hair colour for long now and when I noticed the small pack of Godrej Expert crème hair colour I decided to give it a try. The small pack looked very convenient and also because it contains the goodness of aloe protein. Godrej claims that this product gives hair deep shine and makes it ultra soft. My uncle and aunt wanted to try it out.

Godrej Colors Packs

Godrej Colors Packs

The pack has 20 gm crème colourant and 20 ml of developer – they are pre-measured, so there is no confusion of ratio or no hassle of storing remaining colour. I found this as a very smart feature of this product. The price came as a pleasant surprise. For just 30 rupees, it felt like a very sweet deal. I picked up all the colours and got a nice variety of colours – (1) Natural Black, (2) Black Brown, (3) Dark Brown, (4) Natural Brown and (5) Burgundy.

My aunt was excited to try the Black Brown or Dark Brown colour. My uncle on the other hand like simple things and doesn’t get impressed easily. The no confusion pack got his ok. He liked the idea that he can use it without any measurement. The instructions on the pack are easy to understand and follow. Doing a Skin Hypersensitivity Test is always a good idea before trying any new product and the pack clearly instructs to perform a small patch test 48 hours before each application.

Godrej Expert Rich Creme Pre-measured Sachets

Godrej Expert Rich Creme Pre-measured Sachets

My uncle and aunt’s opinion after trying Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour for the first time:

The simplicity of the products made a very good impression on my uncle and aunt. They liked the easy to handle the no confusion pre measured sachets of crème colourant and developer. The smooth crème texture of the product after mixture made it easy to apply and spread and good enough to cover each and every strand of hair. For my uncle, 1 pack was enough but my aunt used 2 packs to cover her long hair.

The smell of the product is pleasant and that was another nice surprise to us. After wash, their hair got a nice even colour and also a very good grey coverage, hair felt soft and had a nice shine. The colour looked very natural and hair became easy to manage. My uncle and aunt are happy with the product and will definitely use it again.

Before Picture

Before Picture

My uncle enjoyed the makeover he got from Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour and the difference can be seen clearly in the pictures below. Besides covering greys, his hair also got soft and manageable.

After Picture

After Picture

6 Reasons why you should try Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour:

1. Easy to apply
2. Convenience of pre-measured sachets
3. Goodness of aloe protein
4. Leaves hair soft and silky
5. No ammonia
6. Highly affordable

Precaution: Do a Skin Hypersensitivity Test as suggested on packet before every application.

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    Looks really nice! This is better than most chemically loaded hair dyes in the market. I don’t know where to purchase it online though. Do post updates on the longevity of the color and whether it doesn’t dry the hair up. Nice post!

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