Take Action Towards Goal – Lord’s Hanuman’s Teaching About Following One’s Bliss.

Lord Hanuman
Lord Hanuman

As per my Hindu upbringing I believe that God has many forms. Lord Hanuman (The Monkey God) is one of the most amazing one. The tales or legends about this lord can put any super hero comic to shame. If you study about the qualities of Lord Hanuman you will understand how this divine mythological character is powerful and strong also an inspiration to many Superheroes and Mutants that we find so entertaining.

Before the start of this year I accompanied my friends to visit some ancient temples. This was a trip to explore some new places and get blessings for the coming year ahead. As we were visiting various temples devoted to different forms of God one of my friend who is a devoted follower of Lord Hanuman stood in the Hanuman temple for a longer time as he was chanting a long prayer. The rest of us scattered around to notice the beauty of that temple which was built centuries ago.

I noticed a very peaceful holy man sitting on the steps outside. I don’t know what provoked me to go and talk to him but I did. I asked him in Hindi, “If I need to take one teaching from Lord Hanuman to bring some order to my life. What shall it be?” He smiled and looked at me. After taking a long breath he replied; “Find a God and devote yourself to it.” I did not understand. I thought he was talking about a form of God that we Hindus worship like Lord Shiv or Lord Vishu or Lord Hanuman himself. When he saw me confused he further said “Karma he Dharma hai” that means “Work is worship.”

To make sure I understand correctly I asked him does this mean if I devote myself to my work, I will follow the right path. He corrected me by saying “a work of your liking not any work” that’s what he meant by “Find a God.” So I was at this ancient temple in a small town and I received this life changing advice to “follow my bliss” from a holy man who looked very peaceful because he was following his own. Before I reached home I made a decision to devote myself to my passion, you guessed it right “Writing!”

Lord Hanuman is mostly associated with his strength, his power, his discipline even his vow of celibacy but his unconditional devotion to Lord Rama is the teaching we need to understand and incorporate in our life. Our talent is a gift from God what we do with it is our gift back.

So what’s your bliss or passion? Please do share I would love to know?

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16 thoughts on “Take Action Towards Goal – Lord’s Hanuman’s Teaching About Following One’s Bliss.”

  1. Abhisek Chaubey

    I m in search of my passion & I strongly believe in lord hanuman & I know very soon I will be in right path of my life by lord Hanuman ji blessings…..
    Jai Sri Ram
    Jai Hanuman

  2. hi yamini,
    amazing fact needed for every ones life.thank you very much for sharing this amazing experience of yours

  3. Hi! I ‘m a devotee of Lord Hanuman.
    For quite some time i have been trying to find books relating to teachings of Hanuman ji. Couldn’t succeed.
    Even if we google, “teachings of”, it ‘ll throw results on Christianity, Jesus, Islam, Nanak and Buddhism. I respect all religions.
    Can you prescribe some good books on Lord Hanuman.
    Regards, Puneet.

  4. Thank you Mohit for such a kind comment 🙂 I am glad you found this article as interesting. I’m sure you are already on the path of your own bliss by following your passion.

  5. This is a beautiful post ! i love it! when inspiring persons like u share something that inspires people to walk on a path that takes them direct to their secret garden , it becomes worth googling in leisure!!!!

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