Imagination – Our Inner Power

Imagination Quote by Einstein
Imagination Quote by Einstein

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ― Albert Einstein

One of the greatest minds in the history of mankind Albert Einstein believed in the “Power of Imagination.” His famous quotes about Imagination makes it clear how much importance he gave to this gift we take for granted. I believe if a genius wants to tell us something about our mind then we should take note as surely he figured out some secrets about life.

“A society’s competitive advantage will come not from how well its schools teach the multiplication and periodic tables, but from how well they stimulate imagination and creativity.” ― Albert Einstein

If you are serious about using Creative Visualization to achieve your desires then you should learn how to imagine in a way that you can see yourself after your desires are fulfilled. I try to make this as much as fun as possible. It is like watching a fun movie which has all the things I love and I am the star in it. It is so much entertaining and plus while I do this I get loads of inspiration that I use in my writing.

“Imagination is the highest form of research.” ― Albert Einstein

As per Einstein “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” I completely agree with this not just because I like to imagine but also because then I know what I want to do in my life or what my future will look like. As I am getting serious about writing as a fulltime career option I guess Imagination is the tool that I need to keep sharpest, I believe that’s where great stories come from.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” ― Albert Einstein

I am extremely fascinated with the power of our mind. In my post “Mind It” I have mentioned a few points like ‘Mind manages all the resources’ and also ‘Anything in the world is created twice; first in the mind & second in the reality’. All the science and technology we enjoy today was once science fiction it was nothing more than imagination of some genius mind.

“To invent something, all you need is imagination and a big pile of junk.” ― Albert Einstein

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16 thoughts on “Imagination – Our Inner Power”

  1. you are forcing me to go back to my school days.. when i was expecting a good life.. too much of imagination… and now seeing them coming true one by one….
    because what we imagine -> visualise -> we work towards making it possible..
    your blogs are making me feel as if it was in my mind but could not speak…

    But realising it with time as how important visualisation is in a person’s life…

    Simple thought but you penned down very nicely..

  2. Thank You InnerDialect you are very kind. I did visit your blogs both of them are beautiful to look at and read.

  3. To imagine is to ideate and ideating creates news inventions. So I guess imagination is the mother of all inventions

  4. That is so nice of you Vidya. I get so much encouragement when I receive comments like yours. I am still learning all the tricks of blogging. I am glad you liked my posts this and Hanuman one. A to Z challenge has given a new blogger like me a chance to meet so many amazing bloggers like you. Thank you for visiting my site.

  5. What a pleasure to be here! Einstein is a gift to the world!
    Loved your post – Imagination – where would we be without it!

    Beautiful blog, Yamini.

    Great choice for H – I almost chose Hanuman too!


  6. Thanks for your comment Zoe. It was my pleasure to visit you site. Through this contest I got a chance to visit so many wonderful ones. Einstein is my favorite famous person too. He was such a genius but his quotes are so simple and that’s tells it all. I loved writing this post. I am glad you liked it.

  7. Sounds like you have a little Einstein at your home. Kids are amazing with imagination and creativity. We all were but we stop believing in its magic when grownups try to restrict us. I am glad you appreciated your son’s gift of imagination. He is lucky to have you for his mom. I would love to follow your example when I become a mom. I am sure a child of a wacko dreamer like me will also be imaginative and creative.

  8. Thank you Liz. I loved writing this one. I am a big fan of the genius and his wonderful quotes. I am glad you enjoyed my post.

  9. When my son was little I used to be amazed at his imagination. He could take twist ties from garbage bags and make men out of them and play with them for days. or take a piece of material and put it in the back of his pants and make believe he was one animal or another. I was truly fascinating to me the amount of enjoyment he could get from the depths of his imagination…None of my other kids had the pure imagination he had. He had the ability take the simplest things and create endless fun with them. I think it was a gift! visiting from A-Z posting from my blogger blog.

  10. Einstien has always been one of my role models. For someone so brilliant in the ways of science and empirical data and still be so socially brilliant is amazing. I love the last quote! Thanks for visiting my site today!

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