Law of The Karmic Account – Dealing With A Difficult Relationship

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In my last post “Karma Keeps An Account?” I discussed how it is not right to blame Karma for any misfortune in our life and by taking care of our thoughts, words and deeds we can change our Karma to positive. I also mentioned about Karmic account. Now let’s see how this account affects us and how to settle this for good.

The Karmic account keeps a record of the positive and negative exchange of energy between two souls. If you know someone who is in a difficult relationship (personal or professional) and for some reason cannot escape it, a little knowledge of Law of Karma can come to the rescue.

Here I want to make it clear that I am not trying to solve or discuss about domestic violence or serious mental trauma situations. In such cases I insist to take proper professional help.

I do believe in the famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt; “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

We have a special way to cope with the unpleasant relationships. We either;

1. Absorb the negative energy;

2. Withdraw self from the situation, or

3. Reflect back the negative energy,

All of the above mentioned three methods are unhealthy and it increases the bitterness in the relationship.

If we study the Law of Karma we understand a fourth method to transform the negative energy into positive and improve the relationship.

4. Transform negative energy to positive:

This may sound like a dream but it is possible and can be done with a lot of understanding and patience.

• When you face anything negative like blame or criticism and you know you are right on your part then keep calm and remind yourself that you are a powerful soul, a pure being, keep your cool

• The other person may not see your point or appreciate you now but will do so in time and even if that does not happen you are fine with it because you are at peace with yourself

• Never dwell upon hurtful remarks this only increases the pain. Instruct your mind to be calm.

• Detach yourself from the situation and study the reason for the dispute. It gets far clear when you see from a distance than being emotionally attached

• When you forgive and forget you reduce your own pain so take the high road whenever possible

• One needs a strong and powerful mind to stay calm in such situations or to forgive so meditation can be your best tool. Meditate daily and while or after meditation visualize being in a happy and loving relationship just as you desire

• Generate thoughts of love and peace for the person you want to improve your relationship with. If you send energy of love and peace you will get the same energy in return but as I mentioned earlier you will need a lot of patience

This is a lot of work, if you want to save the relationship it will all be worth it. On the other hand if you think you are done with the pain and cannot take it anymore. Then you will have to take a very serious, difficult and maybe permanent decision of moving on from that painful relationship and visualize yourself in a new loving relationship.

Again I will suggest Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualizationfor proper guidance to manifest a loving relation or anything else you desire.

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21 thoughts on “Law of The Karmic Account – Dealing With A Difficult Relationship”

  1. You’ve got a really fantastic collection of books and lastly the Pop to help you. I’m fascinated the way you use the knowledge to assist people My partner and i try to perform the same. I’m sure the way you believed about all of this ahead of. Every one of us get that idea that spirituality is for the tip decades associated with lifetime and I prefer for you to have the similar nevertheless most of us were consequently incorrect in those days. I prefer and the choice of examine lifetime now.
    family law recently posted…Over 20 Years ExperienceMy Profile

  2. Dear Raj,

    Thank you for your comment. The question you have put here is very deep and I don’t think I can do any justice to the answer if I try to reply in comment section.
    Instead I try to put all I know in one article (7 Things To Do When One Feels Positive Thinking Does Not Work) inspired by your question. I request you to read the article. I hope you find the article helpful. Please let me know your views on it. I hope you the best and I will keep you in my prayers. I wish you pass through this painful phase and come out stronger.
    yamini recently posted…7 Things To Do When One Feels Positive Thinking Does Not WorkMy Profile

  3. Hi.. Yamini. I am suffering with no. of health issues and also have family reasponsibilties , it is almost now more than 10 years i am suffering with chronic health diseases . I have tried every thing to come out from this poor condition . I have hold my nerves for last 10 years and i am living under extreme pain . i have read no. of self motivational , spritual books , these books have help me a lot but for last 10 years finding myself in same situation break my patience . Do you have any advise ………….. plz. share

  4. Thank you Sukanta for your comment :). Yes BK Sisters do guide about karma and karmic account very nicely. I have read tons of their material but never got an opportunity to watch their show you have mentioned here. I would love to know more about it. It is very interesting that some western spiritual speakers like Wayne Dyer also speaks about the karmic laws; the sad part is we have forgotten all the divine wisdom which enriched our country.

  5. Thanks a lot Yamini….I also very regular audience of Sister Shibani’s Program in morning….and it says the Indian Philosophy and truth….Our only moto should be to keep the Soul up……and face the Karmik account…….it is true that we have to face our Karmik account ourself……so gets it down our karmoik account parameter low….

  6. MySay that is such a deep question, Just reading this comment made me disturbed so I cannot even imagine how you must be feeling. This is such a huge topic and few lines in my answer are not going to solve anything. I am writing a detail post on this and I will upload it today itself. I just want to tell you my friend Mahabharata is so much more than the holy war.

    What you are facing is against the law of order, the society and of course against the law of Karma so the guilty will be punished.
    What you need to do is my friend try to control your state of mind. What do you think the consequences after a fight will be? Are you ready to face that? What I want to say is if you lose your mind because of anger you may find yourself in much more loss than what you are facing now. So keeping a calm mind and thinking all the aspects to find a solution that can help you protect your possessions and peace of mind is the best thing you can do.

    About taming the untamed I would like to mention be assertive and firm about what you want to say but don’t be aggressive. Spirituality is not about sacrificing yourself it is power as the one with a calm and sharp mind can win in any situation compared to a hot head.

    As you are emotionally attached to the situation it may be difficult to clearly think but try to detach yourself from it. What I want to say is assume your friend is in that situation what advice you will give him. Think in that way. Lastly I think you should take help from the authorities, law and order take them into the picture. I hope my post helps you and I pray this phase passes soon and you come out a winner in all aspects. Have faith buddy. All the best.

  7. dear Yamini, at times showing anger becomes mandatory . With people who are wrongfully asking for something that does not belong to them and threaten consequences if they do not get what they want.No peaceful talk helps !! Is this mandatory self – controlled fictitious anger just to tame the untamed would also be considered passing of negative energy ?
    And if at all,when the only practical way out is fight .. like that of Pandavas in Mahabharata , will Karmic account still consider this as passing of negative energy ?
    I am just facing similar situations and just before reading you I was planning a hardcore fictitious exposure of anger against few people demanding my thing from me claiming it as theirs !
    My Say recently posted…Cartoonist’s ConfessionsMy Profile

  8. Thats wonderful Niranjan. You got such a great collection of books and of course your Dad to guide you. I am impressed how you use your experience to help others I try to do the same. I know how you felt about all this before. We all have this idea that spirituality is for the end years of life and I use to feel the same but we were so wrong back then. I like the way you look at life now.

  9. Thank you Yamini for your reply. Yes I agree with you. I have been facing failures since last 6yrs and now I have a better understanding of life, happiness,friends,relationships and more than anything else my true self. During my bleak period, I read philosophy and I was simply blown away by the studies. It made things more clear.Well I am very happy for my failures, it has taught me many things and I am in a much better position to understand life. I dont mind if anything big is waiting for me later on but I am living a ”life” and I am happy for that.

    My father is very spiritual and religious and we have numerous books on meditation, mental state , personality development,etc but I never bothered to look through that. It is only when I started to face things I realized the worth of that . It also helped me to motivate people around me. I do that job well, now I do it with reasoning which makes people listen to me.

    At last ” experience is the best teacher”
    Niranjan recently posted…First LiebsterMy Profile

  10. Thank You Niranjay. Yes you are right these solutions can be used to rectify many aspects of life. I have faced my shares of career problems. It was a very dark period of my life. Completely depressed and broken just as I was dealing with a very difficult boss. I wish I had this knowledge then.

    But Niranjay let me tell you a secret that difficult period was a blessing in disguise. It help me realize my true passion. It introduced me to a wonderful world of personal development, spirituality and amazing power of our mind. I have never been happier before. All aspects of my life are far better now than they were when I was struggling with a bad job. Today if I meet this boss I will thank her to push me in the right direction.

    This may sound too good to be true but trust me buddy; hang in there, keep faith, something much better is coming for you and when it does this rough patch will feel like just a small hiccup. One more thing… do let me know when things start falling into pieces like you desire. Good luck.
    yamini recently posted…Are you ready to play the hand that is dealt for you?My Profile

  11. nice post. I think your solutions work not only for relationships, but for all aspects. As stressed, the 4th point is the most important one and we really need lot of will power to do that. rightly addressed, meditation is the right tool. I have been facing lot of failures in my career and I am facing it and fighting stronger only with will power and motivation. thanks for sharing. It was good to again feed these things in my mind.
    Niranjan recently posted…First LiebsterMy Profile

  12. Thank you Kathe. I wish you a lot of love and peace in all your relationships. I am glad you found my post helpful. It was my pleasure to visit your blog. Wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness 🙂

  13. excellent post- I am dealing with a difficult person (sister-in-law) and this helps quite a bit! Have a lovely day and thanks for visiting my blog.

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