My experience with Isheerias Healing Circles

I met Ishieta Chopra at a blogger’s meet where I learned about her expertise in the fascinating field of numerology, astrology and tarot reading. Ishieta generously offered me a reading which I was more than happy to accept as I am a follower of spiritual studies and was interested in knowing more about it from the best readers in India.

As asked I sent Ishieta a list of questions and my birth details like date, time and place of birth. After studying my astrological chart in detail Isheita informed me that her mother would explain my astrological and numerological forecast. I was fortunate to get a detail reading from Ishieta’s mother Mrs. Neera Chopra because she has amazing insight, knowledge, and experience in the fields of astrology and numerology. She gave me a lot of information about my birth chart and shared predictions of what she could see in my future.
Besides an astrological forecast reading which completely resonated, she gave me a few important suggestions to bring in more positivity in my life.

My experience with the services of Isheerias Healing Circles ( was excellent and I highly recommend their services for anyone who is interested in expert advice for healing, predications, Feng Shui, Reiki, Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot. Apart from the joyful occupation of Healing, they also enjoy Books, Movies, endless conversations, and have an opinion on everything! They offer a wide variety of courses for those wishing to understand and learn the esoteric arts, and also personalized readings.

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