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Positive Permanent Changes – Part 1 – Understanding our MindSaad Faruque / Foter / CC BY-SA

Our mind is more or less like the most complicated and most advance computer ever built. In fact calling our mind a computer is an understatement but due to lack of a better word I dared to do the comparison.

Many scientists and speakers have tried to explain our mind by giving the example of an iceberg. There is a very good reason for this and that is the design of an iceberg comes very close while explaining the two parts of our mind – the conscious mind and the subconscious also known as unconscious mind.

Well our conscious mind is ever learning and ever changing as it adapts and understands the changes around us. It deals with logical explanation and thinking. When it comes to mind our conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the only part that we can change as frequent as required. We can update or if required make changes in it easily with some minimal efforts.

On the other hand our subconscious mind is the bulkier part of the iceberg. Everything we do to live or survive is programmed in our subconscious mind. We do not have to think logically about how to breathe or eat or walk or sleep as all is taken care by our subconscious mind. Our bodily functions run on auto pilot because of our subconscious mind. Just imagine how hard our life would be if we would consciously try to breathe or talk or walk or do everything we so easily and smoothly do on autopilot; we might not survive a day.

Once our subconscious mind learns a new skill or develops a new habit it is as good as set in stone. Evolution has rewarded us with a rigid and stubborn subconscious mind.

“Our subconscious side is more interesting than the logic one because we are not subtotals to any problem at all.” — Frustiente

Our subconscious mind gets programmed in our early years with help of our parents, teachers and surroundings we learn our basics skills to live a normal life. This becomes our key foundation for our existence. In this same period we also get lots of beliefs engraved in our subconscious mind. Beliefs those are important for our family, community, nation or the entire world. I have mentioned engraved here as it is difficult to change belief that is set in our subconscious mind. These beliefs give us our identity and our personality. These beliefs shape our future as our thoughts are highly dominated by our rooted beliefs.

We can always see a lot of similarity among people’s preferences when they have common beliefs. This concept is explained in detail in great books like Think and Grow Rich, Science of Getting Rich, Richest Man in Babylon or Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

Having an immovable subconscious mind is a good idea if we are thinking about beliefs, skills and habits that are beneficial for us but what if our mind has deep settled beliefs and habits that are self sabotaging? Is it possible to change some of our beliefs or habits for good? Can we reprogrammed our stubborn subconscious mind as we want? The good news is “Yes we can.”

It is a slow process but with patience and efforts we surely can make a positive permanent change in our subconscious mind. Well this will take a whole new post so let’s talk about this in the next post “Positive Permanent Changes – Part 2 – How Our Mind Learns”

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7 comments on “Positive Permanent Changes – Part 1 – Understanding our Mind

  1. Krishna

    Interesting and informative article about mind


  2. yamini Post author

    Yes the most powerful tool and as you rightly mentioned has to be used wisely 🙂 Thank you for your comment Christopher.

  3. Christopher James

    And our mind is a very powerful tool. So we need to use it wisely.
    Christopher James recently posted…Tao of BadassMy Profile

  4. yamini Post author

    Thanks for your comment Dr. Biswas. Mind is my favorite topic of research and it is so mysterious and powerful that people who have devoted their whole life to study the capabilities of our mind have not even made a small dent in the mountain of information about it. I guess you are referring to The Law of Attraction when you are talking about the magnetic energy of our mind?

    Here is what I believe – Yes our mind does have attraction properties but the word magnet is just used as a reference or we can say due to lack of a better example. Our mind attracts things that we focus on. As mentioned in the above post our subconscious mind has beliefs engraved in it that controls the way we think and feel. Our thoughts and our feelings attract or react to opportunities available in abundance out in the world. When we have strong beliefs about something we focus on that particular thing and attract exactly what we believe.

    e.g. If a person decides to buy a particular model of car he will find that he notices a lot of similar cars on the road or he may stumble upon it’s information or advertisement a lot. These cars and advertisement was always available but now when this person’s mind has registered this particular car model he has suddenly started to focus on it. It is just as we use the “Search” option on our computer the files or folder were always present but the search application just got it on the surface. Similarly we do have the ability to pick up things and opportunities that are mind knows well.

    This is a very interesting question and impossible to mention it all in a comment. I would like to write a lot on the magentic power of our mind and how to use it to attract what we want by making a dedicated post on it. Please allow me to write on this and you may find what you are looking for in that post. I thank you to bring this question as it has got me excited about researching more on the topic. I will let you know when my detail post is ready probably next monday. Till then I would just like to say our mind does have attraction qualities more than any magnet and it does pulls things and opportunities that we focus on.
    yamini recently posted…First Step towards Success My Profile

  5. Pradip

    I asked so many this question and asking you. Possibly you may know.
    are our minds similar to magnets/ magnetic objects/ electromagnets? I found similar behaviors of human mind and magnets/ magnetic objects? Pls let me know whatever you know.
    Dr.Pradip Kumar Biswas

  6. obsessivemom

    Hmmm food for some thought Yamini. Wish it were simpler to bring about a change in the subconscious.

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