The Drenched Duo (#YaaronKiBaraat)

Me with my Best Friend

Me with my Best Friend

What makes someone our best bud? Someone who fills our life with love and laughter, someone who gets us into trouble but also tries to get us out of a pickle. A best friend gives us the courage to go beyond our mental limitations, someone who challenges us to try to achieve our dreams, and someone with whom we can share anything and everything, someone who stops us from repeating our past mistakes but also sometimes become partners in a different blunder.

“When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun’.” ― Groucho Marx

I share a very strong bond with my best friend. For the last 16 years, I have been on fun roller-coaster ride with this special buddy of mine. Soon after we met, we become inseparable. As if two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly we instantly knew, we were meant to be together. Soon our friendship blossomed in love and the companionship got stronger. A decade of courtship got us close enough to be bonded in matrimony.

“You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.” ― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

I share many great memories with my husband. Back in the dating days before we both got busy with our careers we went on a lot of unplanned trips. As we both loved water we would mostly end up at some coastal place. The sun, sand and waves kept calling us and we would immediately get on with another road trip. Rain or shine, by car, bike, ferry, bus or train we would always reach a destination where we could get drenched in the ocean.

Some unforgettable incidents happened on such trips. The scariest one was when we were quite young and stupid. Our first car got stuck in the sand of a secluded beach. We both were scared as we could not find anybody to help us and no matter how hard we tried, the car would not come out. We both had to go and find some locals and then request them to come and help us free our car. The locals did not like tourists and it was not a pleasant situation but the car got out unharmed.

With every challenge we face together we both come out stronger and wiser. We both understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We also understand the value of each other’s support and every day our dependency on each other increases. We feel stronger when we are together as we work as a team.

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” ― Henry Ford

This article is inspired by the ZEE TV’s Yaaron Ki Baraat as the new program got me into the spirit of Celebrating Friendships. I am thrilled to find out such amazing friendships among our favorite celebs.

History will be created on 8th October at 8 PM as Zee TV brings together two living legends of Indian cinema for the very first time on a television chat show. Sharing sepia-toned memories and heart-warming anecdotes from a friendship that spans over four decades is a special jodi that fans haven’t had enough of! Recreating their magic from films like Dostana, Bombay to Goa, Naseeb, Kaala Patthar and Shaan, Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha will spill the beans on their friendship on Zee TV’s chat show hosted by Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh.

Juicifix – Cold-pressed Juices at your Doorstep in Mumbai

Mumbai lifestyle is pretty challenging. In Mumbai, Our system, both internal and external are exposed to heavy pollution, of all forms, toxifying the body and damaging the skin. Health conscious people like me have to struggle to find new solutions getting the maxium amount of nutrition in minimum time and effort and this is where Juicifix fits in.



What is Juicifix?

Juicifix is a Natural & Healthy blend of Raw veggies & Fruits, this is a great source of natural Anti-oxidants, Minerals, Vitamins and the kind of nutrition our system needs on a daily basis. The kind of nutrition that no supplements can provide you with, this builds your immune system to fight illness and help maintain a strong balance within the body, helps keep haemoglobin levels in check, asists with breathing and the list goes on.

Juicifix a new concept beneficial for the health conscious Mumbaikars. Juicifix helps the body recoup and re-vitalise. The type of Nutrition & Anti-oxidants present in one 275ml bottle of Juicifix is required on a daily basis to help keep cancer at bay, helps the skin breathe again and inturn aids in bringing back skin glow, detoxifies the system(body), helps clear the mind & cleanses the lungs, to list a few of the benefits of regular juicing.

Juicifix is not just juice – it’s a way of life, and the tastiest way to lead a healthy, energetic and more fruitful life!

Each ‘fix’ is a healthy concoction of carefully sourced ingredients, cold-pressed and blended into sips of pure rejuvenation. Every bottle is a great detoxifying and cleansing blend and provides the necessary vitamins, minerals and good calories of 275 ml that you would not get by just consuming a fruit or a vegetable a day. And besides, who wants to eat just boring fruits and vegetables.

“Fruits are very important in a daily meal plan.They are a natural source of sugars so are best for immediate energy.They provide lots of vitamins and minerals – strawberries, oranges, and kiwis are great sources of vitamin C. And fruits also provide fiber which helps keep your stomach full for longer and aids in digestion.” – Radhika Karle, Nutritionist and Celebrity Dietitians.

Why Cold – pressed?

It’s cold-pressed – not because it sounds cool but because this method ensures that the vital enzymes, nutrients and minerals stay intact through a controlled extraction process and cold pressure treatment. And as the name suggests, the fruits and vegetables are ‘pressed’ to extract maximum amount of nectar from the pulp and fiber, giving you juice in its most nutritious form.

Just one serving of Juicifix will have you coming back for more. And you can be rest assured that you’re giving yourself the best, most hygienic juice that’s been made at home. From sterilized bottles and fruits washed with filtered water, to a strictly-timed schedule that is designed to maintain optimum nutrition, no expense and energy has been spared to get your Cold-Pressed juicifix to your doorstep every day in mumbai – fresh and delicious.

So here’s to – skin to cleanse, fat to burn, cigarettes to quit, thirst to quench, minds to heal and hearts to touch. Here’s to good health and heart beats, quicker feet and clearer thoughts. That healthy does not have to be boring. That we are change we want to see.

So whether it’s raining or sunny, or if that hangover is making you feel funny – Juicifix will give you a reason to smile.

Order your bottles today – call us on +(91) 98208-53811.

MyDidi – How Cleaning Up can be a Buzzkill

My Didi

Suraj walks into his apartment, despondent and tired, throws in his keys into the little shimmer bowl and hears the rattling noise. But is aghast at the ramshackle for an apartment he just walked into. Goes back out, well the flat number is right! Why does my house look like I just walked into a central line station? To his dismay, last night’s party might not have fond memories, but this house is what you are left with and that’s a non-starter for a memory!

Many of us have faced the last night’s terror of a party, where you notice the pretty ladies tip-toeing on a sparkle littered floor, besmeared with the remnants of, what your best guess is, last night’s warm beer. And, despite the ball of a time you are faced with littered food on the floor and some cans that need to be disposed off ASAP! That being said, your home is now not very homely and to fix that with a hangover can be the trouble you didn’t sign up for. You just hope and wish that the help must arrive as soon as possible, but your maid might just lecture you in and rain on your parade. But the house needs some tender care? Where do I find that in this huge city like Mumbai, where finding home cleaning services for a reasonable rate is more of a pain than finding god in this city.

Well, help is on way, and she is considerate, is efficient, is tech-enabled and works completely on-demand. Most of us refer to them as maids but here at MyDidi (Urbanity Multisol Pvt. Ltd.) they call them Didis! The startup in itself is run by Jhonny Jha, a IIT B alumni and is working towards creating a fleet of domestic helpers (referred to as Didis) who are trained in an innovative manner to complete all your home cleaning needs. The training of the fleet is rigorous and enables these women to be independent as well as enable social mobility for them.

In this fast paced world, a Didi, with her skills, can turn that messy house into the cozy home you want to get back to, where you can have that warm cup of tea and unwind! Especially when housekeeping is not your skill or particularly interesting to you, she can be an angel in disguise. The Didis at MyDidi are skilled at cleaning your homes at a reasonable price and get to every neglected nook and cranny of your home. This can be the difference you were looking at when you watch your domestic help take charge of your home while you are sloughing away at work, it’s much like how people in Suits look in formal attire and how we look in real life when we wear the same thing! It’s all in the details, is what the Didis understand best.

She understands that there are pain points to every home, for instance in the kitchen, like the little gap between the tray and your refrigerator, a place you never cared to look or even knew was something you spent a second thinking of, she can clean those ugly little corners. The kitchen is where you find utensils to eat take-out food, and dump the plates or where you experiment with what you call the “French cooking” to delight you on those lazy weekends. But when sinks and platforms go unattended, they turn into breeding grounds for germs and they don’t do any good to your delicacies even if it’s grilled to a perfect medium rare. To the Didis these spots are the first things to be taken care of, and always ensure that your food as experimental or mundane as it is, when in your kitchen is not subjected to any more alien spices than you intended to pour in. In the hall, that was earlier ripped apart due to the little party, the Didi turns it into a spellbinding living room, arranging not only strewn articles, but also going a step ahead by cleaning the windows and turning it into the sparkly clean home, you first moved into. The Didis are also trained to make your bed to perfection and all you need to do is slip into those sheets and fall asleep amidst the soft pillows and cozy sheets. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, how does this new generation Jeeves work her magic spell on your apartment? It’s a simple process of going on to the website, and booking a service! You can be assured of a call back real soon and avail the best home cleaning service available in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai, today!

This blog post was sponsored by MyDidi.

Thyrocare Aarogyam Preventive Health Checkups – Make Health Your Priority

Is Make Health our Priority? The answer is No if most of our waking time is spent running behind our career. We forget about the most important aspect of our life – health. It is sad that today health is the neglected. We start taking care of our body only when we get some indication of sickness.

Today many people are suffering from many health problems. Our sedentary and stressful lifestyle has aged us before time. Health concerns like blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems are not just for the elderly anymore. We can blame our Lifestyle disorders like stress, pollution, irregular eating and sleeping patterns, excessive usage of chemicals, unhealthy weight, consumption of junk food, addictions like smoking, drinking and worse is destroying our health.

A little change in our lifestyle can make a huge difference to our heart’s health and can increase our lifespan with years. It is not advisable to make sudden big lifestyle changes without consulting your doctor. Self-diagnosis is not only a useless technique but it can also be extremely dangerous.

Many people out of desperation make changes in their lifestyle without understanding the cause of their symptoms. When it comes to health people should make informed decisions and for this one must have regular Preventive Health Checkups.

I have recently done a preventive health checkup and I found some great options in Aarogyam Packages from Thyrocare, which is one of India’s most advance and trusted laboratory.

Thyrocare Aarogyam Packages

Thyrocare Aarogyam Packages

My experience with Thyrocare’s Aarogyam Packages:

1. Very professional service provider

2. After booking an online appointment I instantly got confirmation by mail and SMS

3. They sent me reminders about fasting and before the collection of sample

4. The blood sample was collected from home as per my convenience without any hassle

5. I got a confirmation message after collection of the sample

6. The online reports were provided in time and I am assured that the hard copy will reach me soon, which I have no doubt about.

7. The packages are highly affordable and cover a fast range of tests and profiles.

Benefits of Preventive Health Checkup:

  1. “Prevention is better than cure”, “A stitch in time saves nine” are well-known adages.
  2. Today more emphasis is placed on the prevention of diseases and promoting health awareness.
  3. The chances of curing a disease are high if it is dictated in the initial stage.
  4. Regular checkup can keep you informed about your health and with that awareness and help of your physician you can follow a suitable diet and exercise routine.

  5. Growing sedentary lifestyles, increasing stress levels at work place, tempting and enticing food displays, growing disposable incomes, increased addictions to automobiles, all indicate that we give to our body more than what it needs. This has given rise to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and a host for many other lifestyle disorders.

  6. Clinical laboratories with advanced tests and technologies, can help in identifying various disorders accurately which can be treated completely or at least the progress can be delayed.

Why I chose Thyrocare?

Thyrocare Technologies Limited is India’s first and most advanced Totally Automated Laboratory having its strong presence in more than 2000 cities / towns in India and internationally.

Thyrocare prides itself as India’s first fully automated clinical chemistry laboratory with a focus on providing quality results at affordable costs to clients like laboratories, doctors, hospitals and organizations as well as patients from across the country and abroad. Their Centralized Processing Laboratory consists of 120,000 sq. ft of track automation system that has a capacity to process over 50,000 samples in a day. Situated in Navi Mumbai, the laboratory operates 24×7, processing over 30,000 samples a day with a turn-around time of 4-5 hours.

As a clinical testing laboratory with a vision to provide quality diagnostic services at affordable rates, their test menu is a carefully crafted list of investigations catering as much to sick care as to preventive care. Their tests cover varied age groups from offerings for prenatal screening, to screening for hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and tracking lifestyle disorders. Listed below are the various test/parameters under different categories.

The new, upcoming and modern technologies are rapidly introducing new diagnostic tools and constantly evolving the booming diagnostic market. Moreover, in today’s competitive environment, operating a successful and cost effective practice is challenging. With a similar intention to conduct diagnostic testing economically, Thyrocare Technologies Limited began its journey in Healthcare sector with a very simple, reliable, highly specific and reproducible technology – the Radioimmunoassay, a Nobel Prize winning, breakthrough technology in diagnostics. However, with exponentially increasing number of samples which demand on an average more than one lakh investigations per day, Thyrocare has made right use of the latest available advanced superior technologies, capable of working on its unbelievable sample volumes, and yet deliver quality and precision to its customers.

Some FAQs I had while booking my appointment with Thyrocare:

Q. What is the quality assurance from Thyrocare? Do laboratory accreditations matter?
A. Thyrocare is one the first Indian diagnostic laboratories to obtain internationally renowned quality accreditations like ISO 9001-2000 rating as early as 2001, which is now escalated to ISO 9001:2008; NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) and CAP (College of American Pathologists) certification.

Q. What is fasting and which tests need it?
A. Some of the tests require that the beneficiary is on fast for 10-12 hours before the sample collection is done. During fasting, no food or beverages are to be consumed by the beneficiary. Only water is permitted. If fasting is not followed, then the results for some of the tests would be affected.

Q. When can you arrange for sample collection after I book my tests?
A. Once booking is done, an appointment has to be confirmed. Our service provider or customer care executive will contact you within few hours to ask for a date of appointment. Alternatively, you can also contact the service provider whose details are given on the confirmation Email / SMS. Appointment date / time is as per the preference of beneficiary. However, it may be subjected to availability of technicians on that particular date/time.

Q. How soon will I get reports?
A. Once the samples are collected, including transit time, the laboratory will take anywhere between 2-5 days time for reporting, depending on your location.

Q. Is a doctor’s prescription needed to avail the testing service?
A. If any preventive healthcare package is required to be done, it does not need doctor’s prescription. However in case of any illness, the patient is advised to consult with their physician before making any booking.

Q. How will the reports be delivered to me?
A. Once the results are released by the laboratory, the service provider will ensure it is hand-delivered or couriered to the address where sample was collected.

This blog post was sponsored by Thyrocare

Brisk walks and A Good Chair can Reverse Effects of Long Sitting Hours

Chair Scientist and Doctors are constantly warning us about the harmful effects of sitting long hours. It is no secret that prolonged sitting is linked to high cholesterol, obesity and cardiovascular problems. Unfortunately most of us spend a major part of our day and life in an office chair. It is important that we pick the most comfortable chair that gives the right kind of support to our back.

If you are among those lucky few who work from home, then you can make sure you invest in a decent office desk and chair not only for the sake of your posture, back and neck but also to keep your work at a highly professional level. I had a habit of going all around the house and sitting anywhere to write but since I made a small arrangement like a home office my productivity has improved not to mention I do not mistreat my back anymore by sitting for long hours in an uncomfortable position.

Durian LogoI got my Home office desk and chair online from Durian. Durian is an International furniture brand since 1981. Durian has a legacy and the ability to create a better lifestyle in the interior space. From being the pioneers in veneer business to being the leading infrastructure company and a lifestyle brand, they have had a journey that led them to be among the leading furniture brands in the market. Durian now wishes to cater to its masses and so manufactures 90% of its products in India, since 2011.

When I was searching for the right chair for my home office I found out about something called as ‘Ergonomic Function’ I made the point that my chair has this function to keep my posture right and my back in a good condition even after long sitting hours. I have mentioned the benefits I found out below in brief.

Chair functions
Benefits of Ergonomic Function Chair:

1. My Durian chair comes with ergonomic function that provides proper lower back support. It supports the inner curve of lower back.

2. The 360 degree Swivel helps me rotate easily so that I can reach different areas of my desk without straining.

3. Tilt tension adjustment and Tilt lock keeps my chair setting fixed to the position of my liking

4. The height adjustment function comes with a pneumatic lever is the easiest way to adjust height. A seat height that ranges from about 16 to 21 inches off the floor should work for most people. This function allows me to have my feet flat on the floor, with thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of the desk.

Browsing through their site I found out that that besides making their new products in India they are doing lots of good deeds for the less privileged of the country like associating with NGOs that provide medical aid during calamities to victims and support education, employment, skill training. Plus they provide free delivery and assembly and a 5 year warranty that makes it a secure buy. The other reason for choosing Durian furniture was the ease of online purchase as it is #JustAClickAway at

The Most Effective Cure to Reverse Effects of Long Sitting Hours is 5 Minute Brisk Walks every other hour:

.Every one to two hours get up from your chair and take a quick 5 minute brisk walk. Try to do this at least 3 times in a day if you can do more do it.

. If you work in a office then get up to drink water or visit the washroom and try to stretch those tired muscles for minimum 5 minutes.

. Walk towards a colleague instead of calling or chatting with him/her. Get up for the printout or photocopy instead of calling the office staff for the same.

. Take a walk after lunch. Make a point to walk with your colleagues while having coffee instead of sitting or standing in a place.

. Encourage colleagues to walk as much as you do so that you can keep up the habit instead of getting over it.

. If like me you work from home then it all depends upon you how you want to handle the sitting, standing or walking in your day. You are the boss make a point to make it most beneficial for your health.

. Besides walking or if you cannot leave your desk for a while try standing and working. Trust me it is not as uncomfortable as it sounds.

. There can be more ideas that will help you reverse effects of long sitting hours and if you find some please do share.

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3 Alkaline Chilled Drinks For A Vibrantly Healthy And Lean Body

alkaline vs acidic

alkaline vs acidic

Summer gets unbearable every year and what I find more annoying than the smoldering heat is the shameless ads of good for nothing soft drinks and sodas. The sodas are just some artificial flavored colored sugar water that many prefer to drink and they completely ignore how bad they are for our health. I am sure we don’t need one more article on how can sodas make us fat or diabetic or both so let’s turn to a more positive and useful topic. A natural, healthy and alkaline ways to stay hydrated this summer.

Ever since I got aware of the benefits of picking alkaline food and beverages for a healthy body I keep looking for more and more options and would gladly share with you the ones that I personally prefer. In this post I give you 3 refreshing chilled drinks that you can enjoy this summer. All these drinks are 100% natural, alkaline and have a very low calorie. You can enjoy these beverages guilt free all summer and even in any other weather. Alkaline drinks will help you balance your bodies pH balance naturally and as a result will improve your overall health.

3 Alkaline Chilled Ways to Stay Hydrated this Summer:

1. Alkaline Water

This is the easiest way to make your body alkaline. In my post “20 Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline and Anti-Oxidant Water for Weight loss and much more” I have mentioned (as the title suggests) 20 benefits of shifting to alkaline water and I am very happy to find the right solution to get regular alkaline water at home. Hydro-Jal Plus Water Ionizer is India’s most advanced, compact, stylish & affordable water ionizer. It is the most efficient, fully featured and powerful, high quality ionizer in the country. It converts regular water into absolutely healthiest ionized alkaline water. We are 70% WATER so healthy alkaline water is vital for our health.
Hydro-jal logo hydro-jal
Benefits of clean, filtered, and alkaline water produced by Hydro~Jal Plus:

1. Helps maintain a healthy weight, clear glowing skin and thick shiny hair
2. Prevents number of health problems like acidity, fatigue, constipation, headaches, cancer, arthritis, immune dysfunction
3. Slows down the aging process.
4. Throws out harmful toxins.
5. Improves mental clarity and concentration.
6. Energy boost without extra calories.
7. Provides more stamina, exercise becomes easy and enjoyable.
8. Supports better night sleep, no more naps during the day.
9. Reduces joint and muscle pain.
10. Assists in weight loss.
11. Boosts immune system.
12. Improves digestion and metabolism.
13. Provides protection against common cold.
14. Helps relieve constipation.
15. Improves appearance of skin and hair.
16. Reduces production of lactic acid.
17. Relieves muscle cramps during workouts.
18. Provides true hydration without bloating.
19. Increases absorption efficiency of vital nutrients.
20. Provides improved water taste.

Hydrojal provides free home demo and they also test the acidic level of our drinking water. I had a demo at my place and am pretty impressed with the product.

Read more about the amazing benefits of Alkaline Water in post: 20 Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline and Anti-Oxidant Water for Weight loss and much more

2. Coconut Water

Tender Coconut Water A Super Drink For Weight Loss And Much MoreThis is another refreshing delicious alkaline natural drink that we can enjoy. I am a big fan of Tender Coconut Water not only because it helps us lose weight but also has other health benefits. I don’t think there is a need to mention how wonderful it tastes and how refreshing it is on a sunny day. I always prefer a nice big green tender coconut over any bottle or can, don’t you?
Read more about the amazing benefits of Tender coconut water in post: Tender Coconut Water A Super Drink For Weight Loss And Much More

3. Ice Green Tea

Fountain of Youth – Green Tea Herbal and green teas are recommended as naturally alkaline beverages. In summers we can enjoy Ice Green Tea with little honey (if required). Having green tea at least 3 to 4 cups alone itself can be the best change you can do to build the fountain of youth inside your body. It is loaded with Antioxidants, Polyphenols, Flavonoids and Vitamin C that boost the immune system to make the human body stronger in fighting various infections, it prevents inflammation of teeth and gums. Grean Tea Fights Obesity, Cancer, Ageing, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Neurological Diseases as it increases our immunity system naturally.
Read more about the amazing benefits of Green Tea water in post: Green Tea: Every day Visit to the Fountain of Youth

This blog post was sponsored by Hydro-Jal Plus Water Ionizer.