Creative Visualization – Why I do it?

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As a kid I loved to solve puzzles, I still do specially Jigsaw. I consider a jigsaw puzzle as an entertaining mental workout. They come in neat boxes with a picture on the cover that needs to be solved. If you are solving one for the first time you will look at that picture again and again depending upon how complicated it is but if you have solved it earlier for multiple times you don’t need to look at that picture – not even once.

Now allow me to explain how I relate a jigsaw puzzle to creative visualization. Life is a mystery a big jigsaw puzzle. The only difference it has with the kid’s game is that it is more complicated. In the game we get fixed pieces. We can put them together to make a single picture if you want a new picture you need to buy a new game but that will also be limited to that specific picture on the cover.

In life however we do not get fixed number of pieces we get unlimited pieces so there is no fixed picture for how our life will turn out. It is our job to choose what pieces we want to pick to include in the picture of our life and what pieces we want to avoid or throw away. The choice we make shapes our future.

As I mentioned earlier when we are solving a jigsaw puzzle for fun we check the picture on its box to get an idea of what piece goes where but with a known picture we don’t need that. Our mind works more efficiently when we do a familiar task.

Creative Visualization is creating that reference picture in our mind. It is like a daydream but in a scientific way. If you are a positive, enthusiastic, grateful person you will look forward to a beautiful future. You will think about your goals and all the desires that you would like to achieve hence the picture in your mind becomes beautiful and bright that leads to a successful happy future.

Creative visualization makes us more focused on a specific goal so our mind can pick the exact pieces that are needed to fulfill that goal. It makes choosing the right piece easy as we start noticing opportunities and ideas that can get us closer to our goal. These choices were always their but when our mind was not clear about our goal we failed to recognize them.

How to get started with Creative Visualization:

1. Twice in a day morning and night sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes. Calm your mind. Clear all thoughts from your head.

2. Visualize about a specific goal try with a smaller one at first. Picture yourself after you achieved that goal. Create an Ideal day in your mind as you would love to live in the future. Concentrate on that ideal life.

You can repeat this scene in your mind as often as you like for the rest of your day. I suggest reading books like “Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain” to understand this deeply. If you master this art then all the pieces of your life will fall in their place.

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Shakti Gawain’s “Creative Visualization” – 4 Effective Steps to Achieve Any Goal

yes it's got character, I have read it many times

yes it’s got character, I have read it many times

I love to read and I am addicted to self help books as they are full of inspiration about how to make our life more positive and beautiful. With this post I am starting “Abundance Book Club” as a new category. No nned to signup for any forum just write your comments below the post. I encourage readers to join this wonderful online book club and discuss about their favorite books and authors. Revisit, review, recommend, comment, discuss, or share anything about any of the book you consider are good enough to make difference.

The more light you allow within you
The more light you allow within you. The Brigther the world you live in will be. – Shakti Gawain.Spiritual Quotes To Live By / / CC BY-NC-SA

Shakti Gawain’s “Creative Visualization” is one of those books that can transform one’s life for good. This is the first book that I read about positive lifestyle and it made me a much more positive and happy person. I got deeply interested in learning more about creative visualization.

If you follow the procedure from Shakti Gawain’s book you will find that creative visualization is a self-hypnosis method in which you change your rigid sub-conscious mind for good. Once you make this remarkable transformation achieving any goal can be easy.

Following are the 4 Effective Steps to Achieve Goals as mentioned in Shakti Gawain’s “Creative Visualization”:

Step 1: Set your goal –

Decide on something you would like to have, work towards, realize or create. It can be any level, a job, a house, a relationship or a physical change in you.

Step 2: Create a clear picture –

Create the mental picture of the object or the situation exactly as you want it. You should think of it in the present tense as ALREADY EXISTING the way you want to be. Picture yourself in the situation as you desire it now.

Step 3: Focus on it often –

Bring your idea or mental picture to mind often, both in quite meditation periods and also casually through the day. Focus on it clearly on a light, gentle way.

Step 4: Give it positive energy –

As you focus on your goal, think about in a positive, encouraging way. Make strong positive statements to yourself that it exists, that it has come in your life or is now coming to you. Continue to work with this process, until you achieve your goal.

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual sadness.” — Shakti Gawain

I encourage you to read this life transforming book and discuss with me the points that really hit the mark in your mind. The most interesting concepts or how this can or has changed the way you live. I would love to read some inspirational stories, any suggestions, and any ideas anything that can make mine and all the readers’ life a little bit more positive. After all that is what these good books are for and that is what this online book club is for.

Leave a Comment below or by clicking “Comment” link under the Title of the Post, I Would Love to Know Your Opinion on This.