Berger Express Painting Review – A faster, Cleaner, Better Way of House Painting

Berger Express Painting

Berger Express Painting


Saturday Berger Paints and IndiBlogger arranged an activity-filled event about innovation in house painting. It was interesting to know how much the painting world has changed. I wish I knew about Berger Express Painting service couple of years back when I painted my house. This advanced technology makes painting job a faster, cleaner and better method then the tradition painters. If you are planning to paint your house or just get one of those fancy textured walls then do check out the Berger Express Painting service and save a lot of your time and sanity in the process.

My experience with Traditional Painting Method:

Couple of year back I planned to change the paint of my house to a very elegant cream color which I had in my mind for quite a long time. Every room in my house was of a different color and the only instruction I gave to the local contractor/ painter was to change every room to my choice of cream that I selected from a range of almost identical colors sheet of cream and white at the local store that the contractor suggested.

The store-owner and contractor spoke in their mother tongue that I could not understand which made me feel like I was being taken for a ride. I should have noticed the red flags but as he was the only painter available before Diwali, I ignored my gut feelings and went with every suggestion the contractor was throwing in my direction.

The moment I purchased the paint cans and fresh brushes, the contractor took over the project and I felt that I had no control of what was going on in my own house. Next 12 to 15 days my house was a complete mess and I felt helpless and frustrated.

The bloggers meet made me realise that Berger Express Painting would have saved my Time, Money and Sanity. 

How Berger Express Painting Tools would have helped:

Amazing “Home Painting Tools” 


Short-handle Sanding Machine

Short-handle Sanding Machine

The workers had little to no regards about my furniture and a lot of time the ignored my suggestion to cover up the things in my house. My house was dusty and it was difficult to work, eat and even sleep because of the toxic dust in the house.

Here the Sanding Machine would have worked like a charm as it is,

  • Faster & Cleaner
  • Dust-Free Vacuum Function
  • Regulated Speeds



Multipurpose Mixer

The shade of my choice changed in the mixing process. As every room had, a different base color that the workers did not sand of completely the cream shade looked different in every room, which was not what I demanded from the contractor.   

Here the Multipurpose Mixer could have helped get the shade and texture right as it is,

  • Quick & Hassle-free Mixing
  • Regulated Speeds
  • Putty & Texture Mixing


Auto Roller

Auto Roller

The workers sanded off the old color with hand and it was ended up uneven and with bad finishing. The brushes could not cover up the sloppy work and the whole wall got a bad finishing.

Here the Auto Roller would have helped as it is,

  • Adjustable Roller
  • Automatic Paint Pumping
  • Superior Finish


high pressure washer

High Pressure Washer

The high pressure washer helps to clean up difficult to clean walls like the ones that are blackened or have fungus as it is,  

  • Hi-speed Pressure Wash
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Nozzle Adjustment


    Airless Paint Sprayer

    Airless Paint Sprayer

The Airless Paint Sprayer can give an uniform finish as it is,

  • Quick Application
  • Supports Water-Based Paints & Primer
  • Uniform Finish

About Berger Express Painting –

Berger Paints India being an innovation driven organization has come up with the Berger Express Painting service in order to upgrade the painting process. For some time now market research showed that the process of painting, for consumers was a very time consuming affair which came with its share of health hazards. Keeping this in mind Berger Paints has come up with the motto of a “Faster, Cleaner and Better” experience for consumers with its Express Painting service. It has been designed keeping in mind the upgradation of the painting process whereby both the consumers and the applicator benefits from this new service. On the one hand it promises the consumer a world class painting experience minus the dust, dirt and paint spillage with excellent finish and on the other hand it assures the applicator of more business by reducing the time required for each painting assignment.

With tools designed to specifically make the process of painting faster and hassle-free, painting is now an enjoyable experience:

40 percent faster than traditional painting!

Trained painters for efficient and better painting

Get sparkling results with our no-mess tools!

Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines keep your house dust-free!

Better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time!

Our certified tools ensure a better finish with high efficiency!

All these benefits and more offered at no additional cost!

About Berger Paints

Berger Paints India is headquartered at Kolkata, with 10 strategically located manufacturing units and about 110 stock points. The company also has an international presence in 4 countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland and Russia). With employee strength of above 2800 and a countrywide distribution network of 25,000+ dealers, Berger is acclaimed as a game changer in the sector with a vibrant portfolio of paints and tailor-made customer services in every paint segment.




9 Takeaways from IndiBlogger’s BNLF event

BNLF FB Banner
The two days of BNLF has enriched my desire, excitement, and knowledge about professional blogging. I treasured meeting, interacting, and spending time with bunch of creative people who proudly calls themselves BLOGGERS.
Bloggers are a special tribe that likes sharing their passion with the world. We like to express our creativity boldly. Some of us do face criticism even threats but that does not dim our enthusiasm to blog. Bloggers are trendsetters and even rule breakers. We find joy in creating something new and unique. We are proud about our small new world of words, pictures and videos. We create awareness and opportunities.

Indiblogger’s team has helped bloggers in India reach a much wider audience. I am grateful to be a member of Indiblogger and after attending the BNLF event my gratitude grew multifold. The event was organized and managed perfectly, every note just as promoted was a keynote, every influencer speaker was encouraging to partake, participants were involved and interested in learning, the venue The Lalit Mumbai was delightful, the cleartrip activities were fun, the master cooking class was educational and the food was delicious. (if I missed to mention something please feel free to add it in the comment section)

Top 9 takeaways from BNLF for me:

1. AnshulTewari of Youth Ki Awaaz – Showed us how blogging is a powerful tool that can bring attention to issues that the media ignores. Blogging moves people, societies and even governments.

2. Arnab Ray helped us understand the delicate balance between a day job and pursuing our passion to write / blog. The GreatBong took us on a journey of politics, books, movies and how blogging changed his life.

3. Everyone knows Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) is a great entertainer with millions of fans across the world. In BNLF we got to know that he is an equally great entrepreneur. The class went crazy when he walked on the stage. We all calmed downed and listened when he started talking about the smart ideas that helped him take his brand to millions. His business strategies had a mix of wild and brilliant ideas like adding zeros, difference between customers & fans, the creative mosquito and such never heard before ideas.

4. Bruce Dickinson’s in his class said, “If you want to achieve it, you need to dream it.” This mantra changes lives and it can change ours too.

5. Christoph Trappe – The authentic storyteller explained us the importance of telling a story in a pure authentic way. He encouraged us to create a unique identity. I liked his quote, “Be willing to be vulnerable”. This was his first trip to India I hope he took good memories from here.

6. Preeti Shenoy’s talk on a writer’s life was realistic. She gave us a glimpse of a bestselling author’s life that is 90% of hard work (research and writing) and 10% of glamour. Writing with a pet nearby may add to the luck factor.

7. Kanan Gill’s talk was hilarious. He talked how planning your life in notebooks and diaries may not work but with a great sense of humor, you can reach places.

8. Purva Ray’s gave Amu-sing answers to the dreaded question, “What do you do for a living?” It has been a challenge explaining what we do when we say we blog but now with her funny insights I might end up laughing then coming up with a witty answer.

with Jeff Bullas 9. Jeff Bullas an internet marketing genius. I religiously followed Jeff’s teachings and was overexcited to meet him in person. His practical points on blogging, marketing and promotions using social media can help us increase our blogging earnings. The best quote he made in his class was, “Done is better than perfect”. Jeff’s selfie with Indibloggers will always remain as something special.

I cannot thank Indiblogger enough for getting us a chance to meet such influential personalities and for everything packed in the two days of BNLF.