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In today’s world everyone is striving to achieve success in their own field. Be it Studies, Infrastructure, Fashion, Environment, Health, Technology, or Finance we see cut throat competition everywhere. Every consumer wants the best products or services for minimum price. Every industry wants to be on top by providing fast solutions to maximum customers at competitive price. Every organization in that particular industry wants to be the top in its Industry, Every Manager in that particular organization wants to be the top employee of that organization, and so we all are a part of this crazy world wide race which has no end point.

To be the best of the best organizations are pouring huge amount of money to train their people, they are trying to buy the best machinery and the best material. They have also appointed brilliant people to research and find out the best methodology to be at the top of the whole corporate war game.

Now let us just to make this fun assume there is a manager running in this crazy world wide race. Let us call him Mr. Overworked. This corporate superhero is under a lot of pressure but he never shows it to his peers who are also his competitors.

Like us Mr. Overworked completely believes in the quote;

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” ― Benjamin Franklin

So he pumps out all the knowledge he gathered in his business school regarding planning. He plans to become the most efficient manager. For that he needs to get the maximum output using minimum input. As per the equation; Efficiency = Output / Input.

Mr. Overworked first works out a Budget, then thinks of a methodology to complete the task, assigns specific tasks to his team, instruct them about the material and machinery they should use to complete the task of maximum output using less input. So the input or resources he calculates for this assignment are (resources = money, methodology, men, material, machinery).

When the work starts as per the plan, everything that can go wrong starts going wrong, some team players where behind schedule so a great deal of stress overtook the team spirit. Some material got wasted, machinery broke down, team members fell sick, and they crossed their budget as a result they could not do the job well.

Disappointed with the result Mr. Overworked took a sick day and went to talk to a spiritual guide. He told this guide everything that happened and all the efforts he took and how his team let him down. After listening to all his complaining the spiritual guide asked did you sharpen your ax.

Mr. Overworked did not understand and just gave him a confused look. The spiritual guide explained him sharp work is important than hard work. He said you considered all the resources but forgot the important one – “mind.”

Mind manages all the resources. Anything in the world is created twice; first in the mind & second in the reality. Before doing any task it is important to positively program our mind and the mind of everyone evolved. Before taking up a big challenge it is important to clear the mind of all stress, doubt, fear of failing and everything negative in it, then with a positive frame of mind plan for the success of the task.

Mr. Overworked understood how his pressure and stress disturbed his entire team and as a result everybody’s performance was lower than their potential.

Programming the mind positively is the secret of all successful people in the world.

And how do we positively program ourselves or our mind?

There are three ideas I believe in, if you have more suggestion I would be happy to learn them;

1. Read positive books, Some Great Books

2. Be in the company of positive people, energetic, optimistic, and happy people. Stay away from the ones who gossip, complain, or are pessimist about life.

3. Meditation – Clear the mind of all toxins like stress, worry, past bad experiences, grudges, bitterness and reduce the thoughts to minimum. Create positive thoughts and a divine connection with the most optimistic power, God, Supreme Soul, Higher self or whatever you believe in.

Remember if the mind can conceive it and the heart can believe it then certainly you can achieve it.

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