What is the purpose of life? Why are we here?

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here?

What is the purpose of life? Why are we here?

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” — Eleanor Roosevelt.

Did this question ever cross your mind? I am sure at least once in your life you must have taken a pause for just minutes and asked yourself “Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?”

Was there an answer that came up from within your mind, heart or soul? If yes did it feel right? There are millions of questions regarding our purpose of life and no one but the person living that particular life can come up with the right answer.

I love movies as much as I love books and some movies just like some books get a special place in my heart as they teach me something that I was desperate to learn. “Hugo” is one of those special movies and one scene in it has made an imprint in my mind. It beautifully tells us about our purpose and our importance in world.

If you have seen “Hugo” you can easily guess the scene but for those who are yet to see this amazing movie I am happy to paste the clip here.

In the most simple words Hugo explains how everything even non living machines have a purpose and a person who has lost his/her purpose is broken. He also tells that the whole world is a big machine and as machine never comes with extra parts, we fit perfectly in the world that means we are here for a reason.

Now when we know that we are here for a reason then doesn’t it become our top most priority to find out our purpose of life?

Here is a solution to find out the purpose of your life (but this will require a lot of time and patience):

Write on a sheet of paper or in a word document a list of things that come to your mind when you ask yourself “What is my purpose?” Keep writing till you find an answer that you strongly feel about and cannot think of anything else as your purpose after that answer.

The stronger you feel about something the higher the chance that is your purpose or your role in this big divine machine we call the world.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” — Aristotle

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How to Make an Amazing Movie for Effective Creative Visualization

The Director - A Young Walt Disney?
Express Monorail / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

Since I uploaded “Movies – Making Creative Visualization Fun” post I got many queries about how I made my own mind movie; so I am making a detail post about the easy method I use to make my movie. The timing couldn’t be better as there are 3 Powerful Gifts but I will get to that at the end of this post.

First what is a mind movie? Well if I have to explain it in brief I will say it is a dynamic digital vision board with moving pictures and audio that you can watch on your computer or phone at least once a day to train your brain mainly the subconscious mind to focus on what is important to you so that you can live your dream life. It helps you to send out vibrations of the frequency of your goals or desires and attract them. It is positive programming your mind so you can achieve everything you desire. I call it creative visualization in a fun and easy way.

Step 1 – List your Desires:
Make a list of your desires in all major areas of life such as Health, Family, Wealth, Personal Goals like Travelling or Owning a particular property or Starting a business, Or any other field important to you

Step 2- Collect the material:
Collect your personal material like personal pictures or your favorite motivating song everything you would like to have in your mind movie. I have seen many examples of mind movies on YouTube where people make movies with lot of pictures of abundance, wealth and everything under the sun but not a single personal picture. Get few happy and healthy pictures of you and your family to give the movie a personal feel.

Step 3: Create your own mind movie:
Making a beautiful movie with Mind Movies is easy, simple and fast. All you have to do is make some clicks on the pictures and music of your choice and a beautiful video is created instantly. You get a wide range of pictures and even if you are not sure about the goals you want to put in your movie there is a lot of explanation on that too.
To know about how this exactly works I strongly advice to attend a free success seminar. It explains everything you need to know about creating a Mind Movie and its life changing benefits.

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Movies – Making Creative Visualization Fun.

Movies – Making Creative Visualization Fun

Movies – Making Creative Visualization Fun

In most of my posts like Mind it, Creative Visualization – Why I do it?, Goal Setting & Achievement – Raising Standards or Imagination – Our Inner Power; I have always highlighted the power of our mind. How our mind needs to focus on our visions or desires to achieve it and how by visualizing our desires it becomes easier to locate opportunities that were not clearly visible earlier.

We can help our mind to focus on our desires by repeating positive affirmations that highlight our goals. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words so we can make a beautiful collage of photos that show our desires and hang it somewhere we can see many times a day; this is called a vision board. You can make a digital version of it and make it your screensaver.

If you love daydreaming then visualization will not be a challenge for you. It will not matter if you use written affirmations or a vision board. Now what if you get distracted with negative thoughts while you try to visualize or it does not come that easily to you or you just got a bit bored of it and would love to try something new. Making a movie about your desires can be the easiest way to visualize you goals.

A movie can be a series of fast moving still pictures that you used for your vision board or you can actually record yourself talking about your goals and desires like you are talking to a friend or giving an interview. To make it more interesting you can hold one of the vision board pictures in front of the camera while talking about your desires. Add your favorite motivational song and you got yourself the best movie you will ever see in your life.

Tips to remember while making a movie:

1. The movie should be interesting, cheerful, positive and enthusiastic. Its motive is to encourage you.

2. Keep it short so you can watch it every morning and night before and after bed.

3. Keep it on your smart phone. You can enjoy it while commuting.

4. Keep it very specific to your real goals and desire. Remember you are making this for you and no one else, so don’t put stuff on it just to make it look good. Everything on that movie should mean something to you. Be honest about your desires or the whole exercise will be a waste of time.

“Success will be within your reach only when you start reaching out for it.” ― Stephen Richards

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