MyDidi – How Cleaning Up can be a Buzzkill

My Didi

Suraj walks into his apartment, despondent and tired, throws in his keys into the little shimmer bowl and hears the rattling noise. But is aghast at the ramshackle for an apartment he just walked into. Goes back out, well the flat number is right! Why does my house look like I just walked into a central line station? To his dismay, last night’s party might not have fond memories, but this house is what you are left with and that’s a non-starter for a memory!

Many of us have faced the last night’s terror of a party, where you notice the pretty ladies tip-toeing on a sparkle littered floor, besmeared with the remnants of, what your best guess is, last night’s warm beer. And, despite the ball of a time you are faced with littered food on the floor and some cans that need to be disposed off ASAP! That being said, your home is now not very homely and to fix that with a hangover can be the trouble you didn’t sign up for. You just hope and wish that the help must arrive as soon as possible, but your maid might just lecture you in and rain on your parade. But the house needs some tender care? Where do I find that in this huge city like Mumbai, where finding home cleaning services for a reasonable rate is more of a pain than finding god in this city.

Well, help is on way, and she is considerate, is efficient, is tech-enabled and works completely on-demand. Most of us refer to them as maids but here at MyDidi (Urbanity Multisol Pvt. Ltd.) they call them Didis! The startup in itself is run by Jhonny Jha, a IIT B alumni and is working towards creating a fleet of domestic helpers (referred to as Didis) who are trained in an innovative manner to complete all your home cleaning needs. The training of the fleet is rigorous and enables these women to be independent as well as enable social mobility for them.

In this fast paced world, a Didi, with her skills, can turn that messy house into the cozy home you want to get back to, where you can have that warm cup of tea and unwind! Especially when housekeeping is not your skill or particularly interesting to you, she can be an angel in disguise. The Didis at MyDidi are skilled at cleaning your homes at a reasonable price and get to every neglected nook and cranny of your home. This can be the difference you were looking at when you watch your domestic help take charge of your home while you are sloughing away at work, it’s much like how people in Suits look in formal attire and how we look in real life when we wear the same thing! It’s all in the details, is what the Didis understand best.

She understands that there are pain points to every home, for instance in the kitchen, like the little gap between the tray and your refrigerator, a place you never cared to look or even knew was something you spent a second thinking of, she can clean those ugly little corners. The kitchen is where you find utensils to eat take-out food, and dump the plates or where you experiment with what you call the “French cooking” to delight you on those lazy weekends. But when sinks and platforms go unattended, they turn into breeding grounds for germs and they don’t do any good to your delicacies even if it’s grilled to a perfect medium rare. To the Didis these spots are the first things to be taken care of, and always ensure that your food as experimental or mundane as it is, when in your kitchen is not subjected to any more alien spices than you intended to pour in. In the hall, that was earlier ripped apart due to the little party, the Didi turns it into a spellbinding living room, arranging not only strewn articles, but also going a step ahead by cleaning the windows and turning it into the sparkly clean home, you first moved into. The Didis are also trained to make your bed to perfection and all you need to do is slip into those sheets and fall asleep amidst the soft pillows and cozy sheets. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, how does this new generation Jeeves work her magic spell on your apartment? It’s a simple process of going on to the website, and booking a service! You can be assured of a call back real soon and avail the best home cleaning service available in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai, today!

This blog post was sponsored by MyDidi.