Using Feelings of Pain and Pleasure to Achieve Weight Loss
Using Feelings of Pain and Pleasure to Achieve Weight LossArya Ziai / Health Photos / CC BY

You know why we do what we do?

What is our driving force or what makes us take any action?

As per Anthony Robbins– my favorite success coach and motivational speaker; there are two driving forces that control our every action.

1. The need to avoid Pain

2. The desire to gain Pleasure

Think about it. What are you doing right now? Why are you doing it? Or what is the first thing you do when you wake up? Isn’t everything we do is because of one of the two reasons or some sort of combination of both.

I am currently doing Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power program and in that he tells us to take an exercise that will help us understand the power of pain and pleasure over us. I have given an example related to weight loss but this method can be used to take any desired action or achieve any goal.


1. Write an action (you are not taking currently) that can make your life better –

For example – Working out regularly

2. Write pain that you associate with not taking action –

Cannot manage time or have a sore body after workout

3. Write pleasure I got not taking the action –

I sleep a little bit longer instead of getting up early and exercising or I can watch something on the television while being comfortable on my couch instead of sweating in the gym.

4. Consequences if you don’t take action in future (write this in as much detail as possible, I am writing only one consequence as an example) –

If I continue avoiding doing exercises I will create serious health issues and may even die young or worst become a burden on the people I love.

5. Gains after taking the action (you are not taking currently) (add some emotions to make it effective) –

If I exercise regularly I will look and feel good, I will become more active, healthy and live my life to the fullest. I will not be a burden but an encouraging support to the people I love. (go on as much as you can pour your heart out)

I encourage you to take this exercise. Write about your own pain or pleasure and how can you use it to take the action you want to take but for some reason are avoiding it.

Use your emotions to motivate you. There isn’t a better driving force out there than your own emotions.
Jack Canfield says emotions are energy in motion. So get charged put that energy in motion and ignite that desirable action with this very effective exercise.

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