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If you are anything like me you must have asked the question “Why am I fat?” millions of time. It gets extremely frustrated to stay fat after trying every diet know to mankind and even a ruthless approach to starve yourself. It makes you crazy when you see a friend eating twice as much as you but weighing half. I cannot mention it enough how annoying it gets when people not even close start giving unwelcomed suggestions to join a gym or go on a diet.

Yes living in an obese body is frustrating. The mental strain is equivalent if not more to the strain on our weakening knees and ankles. So what to do when everything we research about losing weight does not work.
Well we should do exactly what we are supposed to do when we have any kind of illness. Yes being fat is a disease like any other. We all know and understand that an overweight body gives birth to many diseases but we fail to look at the roots of the problems that are making and keeping us fat.

It can be a simple disorder in the bodily functions or lack of some necessary nutrition that is the reason behind our flab. Trying to lose weight by just diet and workouts without fixing the health issue that is causing the weight gain is like trying to fill a cup which has a big leak at its bottom. Fixing the leak is the only way you can keep the cup filled. Similarly fixing the health issue is the only way to get fit and maintain it.

How to detect the health issue that is causing weight gain:

1. Get Good Advice: Find a good doctor that can help you understand and cure the health issue that is causing weight gain. Natural medicine like Ayurved, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture have amazing success rate with these kinds of health issues.

2. Get a Grip on your Emotions: Detach yourself for few minutes from all the aches and pains of your body. Calm your mind and try to understand what your body is telling you. Where do you feel uneasy or have pain or any other problem just note it down to inform your doctor.

3. Read your Symptoms: Detect all symptoms like hair loss, dry skin, sleepless nights, and constipation, anything that can help the doctor understand if there is any disorder in your body. Detail and accurate information will make it easier for the doctor to find a cure for you.

Health problems like Hypothyroidism (disorder in thyroid gland), Hormonal Imbalance, PCOS, Depression and Stress Related Disorders, Weak digestive system and many more such medical problems can cause a lot of unexplained and uncontrollable weight gain.

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance (One of the above listed disorder):

Extreme fatigue, lethargy, lack of interest and concentration, palpitation, depression, irritation, unexplained weight gain, dry skin, itching, dry hair, irregular constipation are symptoms of this disorder.

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8 comments on “What keeps a Person Fat? Find out the Real Reason behind your Flab?

  1. yamini Post author

    I completely agree with your point Ida, Imbalanced hormones which are mainly due to mental stress cause a lot of complications in our body. Thank you so much for your comment. Always a pleasure.

  2. Ida Chiavaro

    Hi Yamini, I would add that mental stress also has an effect on the hormones, and imbalanced hormones can be responsible for emotional eating too, ultimately they are one and the same. I would also add that I love how you managed to take a complex and often overlooked issue and make it easy to understand.

  3. yamini Post author

    Thank for your comment Christopher. Sounds like you are an emotional overeater. Thanks for highlighting the mental issues like emotional eating in your comment. The post above mainly focus on disorders of body and it’s effect on weight gain but mental stress has a profound effect on weight gain. It is more challenging to loose weight as we first have to resolve the emotional issue by making our mind powerful and then work on the weight. I suggest meditation or you can try to occupy your mind with some hobby whenener you have an erge to eat more than your daily required intake.
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  4. Christopher James

    Well I’m fat because I eat a lot. I eat when I’m stressed out. I eat when I’m hungry. I eat when I’m bored.
    Christopher James recently posted…New site – review3.comMy Profile

  5. yamini Post author

    Amen Vijay. It is so wonderful that my post made you feel grateful for what you have. May lord always smile at you. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  6. Vijay Prabhus

    Nice informative article Yamini, thank the lord because he has blessed me with a slim and trim body 🙂

  7. Sanjay Kumar

    Nice post with precious information. Keep it up.
    Sanjay Kumar recently posted…Its rape!!! Not a sex storyMy Profile

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